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Oda kinda snapped with this one...
This chapter was great from beginning to the end.Very exciting.
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So who's the MOON?
Yamato maybe?
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It's pretty interesting to see that it only took a couple of cool moments for people to really like Mr. Go as a character. Especially as people didn't really acknowledge him beforehand.

Makes me wonder if we'll see it again with a certain character involved in the fight against Kaido.
Ussop,Nami,Brook and chopper need some feats badly.
I've been reading the spoilers weekly for years and I've decided to make an account to give my opinion about ONE PIECE 1043.
This chapter has created a lot of commotion because things are not going to happen the way a certain part of the community wants. But that doesn't have to be bad.

I'm pretty cool with
whatever comes. One Piece is a Shonen with a lot of story-building and there have been endless clues that have led the protagonist to this enigmatic moment that we still don't know anything about.

Madam's Shirley
prediction about the destruction of Fish-Man Island perpetrated by Luffy.

Luffy hearing the voice of the sea kings talking about Poseidon's prophecy.

That a person like Toki who comes from the void century decided to send just in an exact year (20 years ahead) the Red Scabbards to the future, the exact same year and moment when Luffy and the crew is about to defeat Kaido to open the borders of Wano country so as Oden reflected in his logbook)

Luffy listening to zounisha who was Joyboy's nakama, who just now has come to fight for Wano.

The giant straw hat Im sama went to see in a Mariejoa chamber.

The bonding relationship of trust and help that Luffy has created with Shirahoshi. Both possible descendants of the "promise" between Joyboy and the first mermaid queen.

And a long etcetera distributed in different arcs of the manga. Some of those moments are from many years ago in manga terms and other moments are more recent.
But it's undeniable there has been a lot of foreshadow elements that has led to this very last pannel
"Luffy turned into joyboy out of nowhere"
People have bad memory,Oda threw a bunch of hints to this
Its because his (initial) dragon form is too easy to wound or trigger a react from. Zoro cut his scales, Killer penetrate his belly, scabbards made him bleed, Law and Kidd made him scream. Oda shouldnt have done this. Dragon is like the peak fantasy creature signifying ultimate power etc etc, Oda shouldve shown the scabbards and even supernovas unable to entertain even Kaidou's dragon form. Once he goes Boro Breath then the breath reaches unbelievable level of destruction, like evaporizing the entire Wano ocean or evaporizing a few islands like Psykorochi's laser. If Zoro cut a mountain, Dragon Kaidou's breath should do this

Everyone should scatter away fleeing like flies due to sheer power and destruction of Boro Breath and no one even think of blocking it.

...thats what i feel we should get when Oda tell me about WSC. Not some dude who give free hits to the ones below him but become bloody and screaming anyway. Its weird.

Pyskos beam is well above island level…that’s small continent land mass

And that can fit multiple onigashima in it
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