Who will beat Kaido now?

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Oda's accuser
Laugh Tale comes before Final War/Marie Joise War
Hardly any way the SHs are going to face off the admirals after the BB Pirates imo, would not make much sense...

It makes sense they face Im and the Gorosei post all of these but not alongside the Marines. The war will likely not involve Im who will likely not move from his throne.
If I deadass see the Strawhats fighting Kaido while Luffy is unconscious, y'all won't see me here for a few months

No W's whatsoever

Clown ass taking Ls every ten fucking chapters

Somehow also warped into Wano natives delusions of wanking Oden

Take Luffy out of Wano, no problem, Zoro can lead. What happened in the Flower Capital w/o Luffy?
Zoro took charge and made swift decisive action.

Eustass Retard is too prideful to take charge of a group. Yamato is delusional still thinking she's Oden. Momo is too weak to lead the Samurai.

The ONLY, the ONLY job Luffy has... is to take on the enemy Head bc no one else can. And he fucked that up.

Oda: pAy aTtEnTiOn tO lUfFy

Idgaf if Luffy plot warps his way into winning the last showdown after 17 consecutive rounds of fails.

Bruh I hate this **** Luffy in Wano

Whole Cake Island too

There is no way Oda can execute a good way into recovering these setbacks without resorting severe PIS

Why are we supposed to root for Luffy now? Because he's the MC? Because he can do what others cant? Because he gets back up?

This mf has the same regurgitated lines over and over w/o meaning.
Oda murdered Luffy's character in Wano
Either way, this chapter will break the internet apparently...so get your wank ready cause it's about to be a shitshow when the pics leak. Believe me.
ZKK is already breaking reddit
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The Korean leaker was the best. I hope he returns soon.
He will be back within 14 hours, ZKK is on
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