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Like myself and the girl I really loved years ago, the extreme side of the LGBT movement really got to him. Thats why hes so fixated on Yamatos pronouns when she doesnt even call herself a fucking man as far as I remember, others may refer to her as a man including Ace in this special episode (but I think he did in the manga too) yet I dont remember Yamato wanting to be a man specifically, she wants to be fucking ODEN regardless of his GENDER! If Yamato was female and just as amazing as this Oden, would it matter? If Oden was genderless? If he was a mink, would she want to be a mink? Wait a minute her DF....LMFAO!

Seriously though Yamato just wants to be Oden, Oden his her role model because of who he is not what he is in a literal sense! His actions, his beliefs, his sacrifices is what inspired her, his fearlessness, his strength which before anyone says anything on that topic, we've seen abnormally strong female characters too from early One Piece to now and Big Mom is the most EVIDENT example of that by far in many ways ofc!

I'm somewhat part of the LGBT too but I fucking hate this pronoun nonsense with a passion. if you want to know how extreme it gets, ItsAGundam does HILARIOUS videos with his blissfully cynical (somehow as oxymoronic as it is, like George Carlin and Doug Standhope for example) sense of humour and its completely bat shit insane. I know someone whose pronouns now change depending on the day, how they feel that day and one person kept changing their pronouns to all sorts of made up pronouns, fairy stuff and such and it would fluctuate every hour or few hours literally!

I'm more progressive than conservative, I was the typical rebel but the more I see of "too much progressivity" and "1st world problems" and this just utter mental asylum of a society we've developed in the western countries and such, I start to resonate with the belief that you become more conservattve as you get older.

I don't want to say too much on here but I've seen some extremely fucked up stuff from the LGBT movement, horrifying stuff that will cause literal trauma in children and destroy them for their lifetimes, wrecking their adulthoods and rest of their lives WAY before they even get there. Sodom and Gomorrah or some of the insane shit Rome did come to mind. I've experience a bunch of different things and traumas that no child ever should as a child ofc and it fucked me up for life until now too, so I know exactly how destructive, how innocence ruining and ultimately damaging it is too.

Also that girl I really loved, out of nowhere went from being this utterly beautiful feminine girl who was so innocent, pure, loving, caring etc to starving herself to almost a skeleton, mutiliating her chest (and maybe certain other areas for all i know) for the sake of going full transgender and all the hard work I did to try and help her, bring her out of her self inflicted isolation her whole life and give her confidence, self esteem and such was ruined by the LGBT crowd who got she got involved with, convinced her shes trans suddenly, that shes lesbian, BI then lesbian again and then to mutilate her body and starve herself as I said. She also started becoming a literal massive attention whore online, posting "artistic nude pics" and flirting with all kinds of guys and shit. It completely broke my heart and destroyed me when I saw that, even more than when she ghosted me for seemingly no reason before for years. I've gone over it hundreds of times over the years and I've blamed myself infinite times for what happened to make her ghost me like that but she was getting toxic people preying on her who tried to seperate us and take all her attention for themselves too, sigh.

If I'm wrong about Yamato wanting to be a man and referring to herself as one then fine. But I only remember Kiku doing this as in wanting to be a woman explicitly, identifying as one openly. Yamato dresses and styles herself in a very feminine way. You could say its still masculine and maybe she's scared to radically change her looks to be more tomboyish/masculine due to Kaido but I think Oda prefers her to look like this for obvious reasons especially fanservice ones ofc.

Yamato needs to get over her trauma and identity crisis. She doesnt realise how beautiful and strong she really is I don't think, not deep down, not truly because of Kaidos absolute abuse of her since childhood. She needs her own identity as opposed to roleplaying/LARPing as Oden and pretending to be someone she's not and insulting his memory way and traumatising his son. Oden would probably love it ofc but I doubt Toki and Hiyori would approve and Shinobus and Momos horror at her behaviour said it all too.

I really hope Yamato does join the SHs, that people shut up about what gender she is meant to be be and "not misgendering her" and that she doesnt get killed off ofc. Just enjoy her for who she is and appreciate her as she appreciates Oden too but she needs her own identity too, to be her own person and not be obsessed on someone she barely knows and never even met I dont think.

I actually adore Yamato especially her design, choice of VA and DF choice by Oda most of all as a massive Okami fan too (plus I predicted it just before it was revealed too!) and she kinda feels like a mix of prime Big Mom was probably like and Kaido himself ironically, but also definitely Oden too ofc.

If she was doing the Oden roleplaying to try to inspire the citizens of Wano, to bring back their hero and give them hope again, boost their morale in that way then I can completely respect and understand that and thus appreciatre it too. Like her own version of Joyboyor Fisher Tiger too.
Well I would say lgbt movement put the gay is born myth because there are people who are used to be gay but quit and become straight or become different person. Ex- gay or ex- homosexual people. there are ex- transgender people.

I feel bad for your girl get influenced the lgbt movement due belief of born the way .
They put it show children about lgbt even it destroy innocence of children .
I say lgbt , homosexuality, bisexual is human choice like music , food and taste can change.

Me: I used to love to shellfish as kid, but as adult I literally hated and avoid shellfish. So our taste can change . It depend on your willpower on choices.

And another note: No straight man can be attracted to all women . Human standard are very subjective.
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Woah, never thought about it this deep, the amount works he puts for most of us to read it for free and call oda trash is so much, nothing makes me more angry than that. I hope oda never sees what these trolls/toxic people say.
Yeah in all seriousness, he does work extremely hard and he has a very open, aspirational, selfless, humble, kind etc mind and heart. He is a massive troll too though ofc but thats who he is and it seems a lot more common than I thought as when I read up on Troll Creators on TV tropes, a lot of certain familiar names who openly love trolling apparently came up especially for certain other manga series we love to talk about....

Kishimoto received death threats for Naruto not ending up with Sakura which says a LOT about fans of both characters but that ship especially too ofc and Horikoshi received death threats, hate mail, harassment many times over the run of MHA so far on Twitter too. He was forced off it by that.
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You know what will be a great twist if everybody hates luffy including his crew for lying cus now they getting hurt even more cus of him regardless of the explanation how he lost still had time to finish him before that lol
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