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I trade Sanji x Nami for Sanji x Viola.
I genuinely thought they were gonna end up together but ironically at the same time Dressrosa happened, I got screwed over by someone called "Viola" and "she" was associated with purple too lmfao. It made me hate Dressrosa even more naturally hahaha!

But yeah I really liked Sanji x Viola tbh and then Oda trolled us and moved us onto Pudding who seemed like the actual ideal match for Sanji except certain reasons ofc but then he went full sadist with that in his own way too!

What next Oda?!

Im disappointed they don't have DFs by the looks of it, never mind strong ones and barely using Rokushiki but Toei may give them much more in that regard ofc. One of them going down to an already badly wounded Izo is absolutely ridiculous too imo.

They are strong but still disappointing imo. Mr Go is the most impressive but I fear like in Heart of Gold vs that chains guy and how Orochi shot one of them so easily and they didnt even do anything and that member almost died then, it just makes me think they're kind of a joke too tbh.

Stussy is a little impressive too but only a little so far. CP9 were far better so far imo except Spandam ofc.

With that "prisoner", people thought it might be Oden alive or even Roger lmfao. There was insane hype going around. Maybe Zoro's father or something. So when Kawamatsu was revealed, the disappointment was immeasurable.

Damn, that must have been painful holy shit 🤣. Oh and that scene of Orochi shotting one of those CP0 is one of the weirdest scene in wano. It practically did nothing and it just bounced off (Im basin that off the animr, I havent read that part in the manga yet)
Am I the only one that think the whole rubber df true name is a red herring.
Its just dumb, you have 15y ++ with your df yet you dont know what the fuck you ate.

Also luffy eating "not rubber" fruit implies shanks doesnt know the real fruit eiter... Does shanks really seems like a guy who dont know this to you? He somehow got an audience from gorosei ffs
Yeah thats true about the Alabasta one, that does make sense. Nami was very weirdly inconsistent though in Wano as you said. She loves to flaunt herself greatly post TS too which made me wonder what the hell happened with her and those old men in Weatheria for 2 years but probably shouldnt think about it LMAO!
I still can't believe this is the same Nami, its insane. As much as I love it too, Big Moms glow up in her 20s is INSANE and doesnt make sense given her character at all unless it was done by her to help her secure husbands a lot more easily and such? Or she just happened to get so into shape and embrace her femininity and natural beauty? Maybe I'm overthinking it but I'd love to see how different Big Mom was a person at that time, if she still had isseus with her hunger pangs as much then, if she was still just as unstable or she got herself under more control for some time at least?

I wouldn't be surprised if that happened with his wife and inspired him or maybe he fantasises about it happening and uses Nami as his muse o so? Maybe trying to encourage his wife to "accidentally" drop her towel and cause some "excitement" and "shame turned arousal" even for them? To be controversial, daring, bold, whatever?

Hahaha, Tashigi is a whole bucket of fuck it now, I'm extremely disappointed with her and then some. Alabasta Nami was goated and Nami was great pre TS honestly, I adored her so much and was rooting for her and such. Her backstory with Belle-mere and Arlong was tragic and brutal and made her so much more likable, understandable and sympathetic. Its some of the best parts of OP for me. "Help me Luffy" and the first time we got Overtaken too in the anime I believe!

Post TS Nami is one of my biggest frustrations with the series. Why is she just turned into a lightning spammer? Especially with Zeus now too? Isn't she the WEATHER witch not just lightning?! Why can't she learn to make tornadoes, blizzards, heavy or even acid rain, even dampening her enemies with rain and then electrocuting them with lightning to do MASSIVE damage instead?!

Nami should also be an Observation expert like Usopp imo but I wanted both to learn Armament with their fights vs Ulti and Page One to help them defend, fight back and maybe even win.

I also absolutely loathe how Monster Chopper is a gag character now. This is one of the most horrifying, haunting and powerful scenes I've ever seen, the phenomenal sound design, the emotional/narrative buildup and impact and characterisation and sacrifice from sheer desperation from the innocent sweetheat Chopper who was helpless and had to become a (Frankenstein's or more likely Mr Hyde or Hulk-esque) Monster to try and help and save his friends and succeed!:

PEAK FICTION genuinely! Against Kaido especially, I expected another moment like this, Kaido to even take Rumble Balls and use them to force awakenings or at least some powerups for his crew with new transformations. Queen even has wacky transformations like Kaku had but due to him being a scientist and cyborg too ofc. Imagine Kaido forcing Chopper to go Berserk Monster form again or even a new form that also goes berserk and is more dangerous and powerful than Monster somehow? Faster too?
I'm sure Oda himself has plenty of drawn evidence about what happened in Weatheria with Nami and the old men. Can you imagine how much a doujin made by the sensei himself is worth? Lol and if I recall Sanji's VA actually said on TV that he did really wonder about where Oda left his porn stash in his house
Going back to BM, Kaido remembering her in his short flashback actually gave me a me lot of hope for the Rocks flashback where I think young BM is gonna really act like a prominent sister figure to Kaido. I bet Oda'll explore her character a bit during Kaido's own memories too and I can't wait for it...
Seriously I love BM and how much prominent she is in the series since FI... I swear she makes up for all the other ""female disappointments"" we had since the timeskip... Daily reminder that Nami still has to show off the upgrades she got on Zou by Usopp... But obviously there's no time for that in a 150+ chapters arc! Oh what's this? Another way to draw Nami naked in Wano? Don't mind if I do!
- Probably Odacchi (who I really hope doesn't like to show off his wife too much around... I understand being proud of marrying a Nami cosplayer but the whole trophy wife syndrome he probably has kinda rubs me the wrong way...)
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Damn, that must have been painful holy shit 🤣. Oh and that scene of Orochi shotting one of those CP0 is one of the weirdest scene in wano. It practically did nothing and it just bounced off (Im basin that off the animr, I havent read that part in the manga yet)
Its even worse considering how much of a complete mess, joke, disappointment, jobber, waste etc Orochi has been especially with his legendary DF too. The manga is identical with that scene pretty much. Nothing new in the anime I believe.
Joke aside, man there's just a tiny tiny slight hope that Zoro will face Kaidou again (i don't know how will he recover but still) and that shit is gonna keep me going through these dark days
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