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Spoiler provider says the chapter will split the community because it will be revealed Luffy's true devil fruit. Most op and legendary mytical zoan
Its even worse considering how much of a complete mess, joke, disappointment, jobber, waste etc Orochi has been especially with his legendary DF too. The manga is identical with that scene pretty much. Nothing new in the anime I believe.
I wonder how his devil fruit could be used in battle. Could be pretty OP
Joke aside, man there's just a tiny tiny slight hope that Zoro will face Kaidou again (i don't know how will he recover but still) and that shit is gonna keep me going through these dark days
He's getting up and that's it, what more do you want. The Grim Reaper is a plot to keep Zoro out of the fights, the fights are over and a new one is starting soon enough, we have the foreshadowing and the portrayal, Kaido is not going to be stalled by trash that can barely use haki, Conquerors fight Conquerors, trust in Jobnoodle's made up rules. :myman:
:yasu::moonwalk::yasu:Fiends vs Providers Chapters 4 and 5:yasu::moonwalk::yasu:

Yesterday, @Kagurashii accidentally came into the Waiting Room, thinking we were discussing the latest chapter :kobeha:
I was laughing so hard at this convo in which @solis and @Peroroncino tried explaining to her the degeneracy that goes on there.
So inspiration struck for Chapter 4 :afrokappa::afrokappa::afrokappa:
Also, remember when @Garp the Fist took advantage of all time high thirst for the @Pantheos Kid vs Big Mom bet result? And proceeded to post fake spoilers? It was unlike him. Too “TAC-like” you might say :memehm:
He maintains it was really him, but Chapter 5 exposes what really happened :doffytroll:


This is all in good fun, I hope no one takes any offense. I swear I love you all :sweat::sweat::sweat:
This is awesome my favorite part is Lance attacking bcs of gender definition. :suresure:
Absolute Gold.
I'm sure Oda himself has plenty of drawn evidence about what happened in Weatheria with Nami and the old men. Can you imagine how much a doujin made by the sensei himself is worth? Lol and if I recall Sanji's VA actually said on TV that he did really wonder about where Oda left his porn stash in his house
Going back to BM, Kaido remembering her in his short flashback actually gave me a me lot of hope for the Rocks flashback where I think young BM is gonna really act like a prominent sister figure to Kaido. I bet Oda'll explore her character a bit during Kaido's own memories too and I can't wait for it...
Seriously I love BM and how much prominent she is in the series since FI... I swear she makes up for all the other ""female disappointments"" we had since the timeskip... Daily reminder that Nami still has to show off the upgrades she got on Zou by Usopp... But obviously there's no time for that in a 150+ arc! Oh what's this? another way to draw naked in Wano? Don't mind if I do!
- Probably Odacchi (who I really hope doesn't like to show off his wife too much around... I understand being proud of marrying a Nami cosplayer but the whole trophy wife syndrome he probably has kinda rubs me the wrong way...)
Yeah absolutely, thats an excellent point especially with how openly/proudly perverted Oda is too! I think he has mentioned doujins/hentai at one point but not sure lol. I've seen Bruce Timm of Batman The Animated Series and stuff drawing his own official smut of that series publicly too. Murata has turning OPM into an ecchi pretty much lol.

I actually randomly once saw a doujin of Nami and Master Roshi of all people. I had no idea what a doujin was (as in the lewd ones especially) and thought it was a simple harmless parody chapter and I was SCARRED LMFAO. Legit haunted me for such a fucking long time, the things I saw! I almost jumped off a sky island after that! At least she learns the Kame Hame Ha though I guess! *shivers uncontrollably and then rocks back and forth, murmuring in absolute horror*

Daaaaamn haha, wow! I hope its not gonna turn out to be another Nobuhiro Watsuki type incident since Oda did work for him and still looks up to and is friendly with him too! Given some of the things I've seen from Oda, Toei and in Film Z, it makes me very worried. But I like to think Oda is still above that as a father of 2 young daughters, I really hope so.

Yeah I really loved seeing this side of BM, its transformed my perspective of her even more. I knew I was gonna love Miss Bonnie (and Clyde)/Gangster Pirate Big Mom, but her actually talking like that and being so caring and supportive to Kaido, legit "Big" sister vibes, it was really endearing and surprising! No wonder she gave Kaido such a POWERFUL/ALMIGHTY and VALUABLE DF too ofc! She really did care about him! She alluded to it on the rooftop but still! Kinda makes me think of my grandad and his recently deceased older sister in some weird way lol. She was hell on earth but she cared for him and had a massive appetite like BM and my grandfather lmfao.

Yeah BM is legit carrying almost every female character in the series right now, its such a bittersweet feeling. Oda couldnt even let us have an actual female strong sworsdwoman with Kiku but had to make her biologically male to fuck with us. I appreciate the trans representation and gender dysphoria topic but still...

YES! OMG! I was mentioning to a friend a while ago on how Nami's upgrade on Zou was so pointless! She used the extending climatact once vs Brulee or Galette I think? Even then it wasnt essential I think? And she had to get a free powerup from Big Mom instead ironically haha. Lola: "My mum is nice and will help you, she is a great pirate!" *curb your enthusiasm theme plays*

Oda implied Whitey Bay may have been killed offscreen when Kizaru was talking about Weevil as he discussed the casualities from Payback War and Weevils rampage and her photo was on the newspaper...Then he rubs it in by making her a former commander of WBs during the Oden flashback, WTF ODA!?

Hahahaha thats so true about Oda ignoring her upgrades in 150+ chapters and preferring to draw her naked. SMH.

It really does sound like a trophy wife syndrome thing. Maybe his wife inspired Namis current outfits? The early post TS ones at least? Or it really is what he wants his wife to wear instead? I do really wonder what its like to be his wife with what Oda is like too. I bet she has some really interesting stories and perspective to give.


How does it feel to love someone?
Damn condom So fucking weak same as Rooftop Zoro far stronger than Rooftop luffy
now Current Zoro far stronger than current Luffy

its never Change :cheers:
Zoro is in a comatose state after tanking Hakai for a sec and fighting King, delusional fanboy.
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India has 22 official languages, Bro.
Just googled it, what the hell :usoprice:
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