Who will beat Kaido now?

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Its not abouut power, its about dossification.
Theres no need or no fun in know everything about a chapter on Mondays or tuesdays.
Having a discussion about things isnt that bad if there is respect.
It only not fun for people who like to be toxic and don't can't find nun else to do with they lives :seriously:
They want to stroke their “power” status egos because teasing spoilers for a japanese cartoon and playing around with people begging for them is the most attention theyll ever get in their lifetime
They know no one will give a shit about them otherwise if they just post the full leaks at once every monday-tuesday (even if they dont have them yet they still act like they do to make sure you lust for them and seek more, generating fake hype)
Couldn't agree more!! They are attention seekers and are acting worse than kids with their 'teasers'. F*** it, man. I won't care about their spoilers from now on. I will wait for the actual chapter and enjoy it to the max.


Oda's accuser
ZKK still not happening
Zoro's promise and his caring for the Samurai, parallel with Oden and Enma and the moon prophecy, Zoro's meaning as a Samurai in the story, his alleged Wano origins, Luffy being out, his struggle against the Grim Reaper, Kaido's philosophy of death to die against a valid warrior.

So much material bro.
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