Who will beat Kaido now?

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Kid and Law feel that Luffy lost and go to fight.
Kaido attacks Nami but Marco defends Nami.
Kaido will fight until momo gives up.
Nekomamushi and carrot are going to fight too.
Momo wants to give up and not let anyone die but Yamato tells him no.
Yamato: Let's die together!

"Luffy defeated Kaido 1v1"

I think everyone who claims that Luffy won 1on1 can stop it now.
Oda made it clear with the victory box, Kaido legit won his 1on1, with or without the CP0 member, he would beat Luffy again.
Luffy was never about to beat Kaido alone 1on1.
After over 20characters gang on Kaido(soon), coming up with 1on1 is kinda nonsense.
For Oda the 1on1 fight is over, now the teambattles are about to start until Luffy comes back.
Then Momotaro team takes the stages.
Zoro got 4 power ups,
Kinemon firestyle martial sword arts
Adv CoC( Kimg of hell mode)

Luffy got 4
Adv CoA(lvl 1-Barrier + Internal Dsstruction - lvl 2)
Adv CoC Coating

Same amount.of power ups

Zoro never even had CoC but made the biggest jump in power in this arc gaining adv coc.
Exactly bruh. Why don’t people get this shit
Fought the scabbards, joined the fight against the 5 supernovas, defeated Luffy in ch1013, fought Yamato then fought Luffy and now he will fight 2 or 3 low top tiers + Yc1 and other characters then he will fight awakened Luffy all that while lifting an island :steef: this man just took advanced COC KKG to the face :finally:
"b-but they are not at 100%" well same goes for Waido :kailaugh:


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zoro went from losing to king, to mid diffing him, talk about powercreep, at least luffy pu is against the world strongest and luffy still lost
Zoro didn't receive a power creep, he was already meant to be that strong. He would not even unleash Asura during that fight. The Enma training forged a huge man capable to come up with a new style just like Udon managed to have Luffy unleash ACoC.

What came next was almost unexplainable :cheers:


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His fruit will be resin overall, with the ability to craft it into various forms of elements, ie amber (for hardened limps or a hardened body), a more oil-ish structure in which Luffy has a more liquid-ish body and of course his usual rubber body.

If I think about it, Luffy's awakening has lots of potential because of its potential creativity.
I agree with what you said

But I am thinking there should be more to it.

Luffy AdcoC infused G4 attack didn't do shit to kaido.

So how awakening will enhance his AP?

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Literally has been hinted at before Bleach began publication and before Naruto was even made to be "special" in his own manga:

Chapter 96:

Chapter 154:

All that is fine. From chapter 1 it says Luffy's journey of Destiny begins. Being related to big players (Garp, Dragon) and families (D) in the opverse is fine, but being a reincarnation of someone else sours the entire thing.
Will luffy regain memories of the past as well?
It's inherited will.

Joyboy is "dead" in the literal way. By virtue of Luffy's power (which is ancient), it seems he is back in this way, but its still probably Luffy.

I would not, however, be surprised if the awakened fruit is enacting its will on Luffy (i.e. controlling him like Naruto's Kyuubi or Ichigo's Hollow powers.).

We'll see what happens
Enma and Udon looked like legit trainings

But Zoro almost stopped with the creeping, Luffy was defeated and came up much stronger than before without a substantial reason and now this

But this is a Shonen so it had to be expected
Zori never stoppee creeling, he continued creeping until he unlocked king of hell mode. Zoro also continued to fight after breaking all the none sin his body. That isa higher level of insanity than luffy.
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