Who will beat Kaido now?

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Oda fucked up Luffy ever since he introduced Garp and Dragon as Luffy's grandfather/father.

The Naruto "destiny" shit trope is annoying. If Luffy was just some kid it would have been way better.
Oda fell off badly ( so I think the condition needed for Joyboy to be reborn is if a D eat the rubber /nika fruit )

Luffy winnin this fight not on his own haki but Joyboy being alive
ACoA is the only PU he trained for in this arc, he learned to use adv CoC out of nowhere, and thats fact. Losing is one thing...Losing multiple fucking times and being able to get back up instantly with a full health bar is some fairy tail level bullshit.
When did he get a full health bar because he ate? That doesn’t mean he wasn’t damaged. Losing multiple times and gaining more experience each time makes more sense than just figuring a Yonko level fighter out in one loss. Haki blooms in extreme situations that was literally stated. ACoC is just flowing CoC he learned to flow haki in Udon. Just like he watch Soru and learned it.
If Kaido gets killed by Joyboy instead of Luffy,i would actually like this.There is no way for Luffy to beat Kaido in a 1v1 currently.This is like Yusuke(yu yu hahusho) getting possesed while fighting Sensui.Expect some new gum gum techniques Luffy would never figure out by himself.
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