Who will beat Kaido now?

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so you think it is justifiable that luffy lost 4 times even after he awakened advcoc and used g4
Stop being damn for the last time now. How often can people undermine Luffys strength. He is already stronger than Kaido like he was stronger than Katakuri and stronger than Doffy the whole time!!!
So ZoloSisters got too loud again and got headcanon crushed by oda? funny but repetitive. I'll start a rehabilitation program for any zkk boy.
Are you capping? This literally doesn't change a thing about zkk. Infact it reinforces it in a bad way. Now I wouldn't even be surprised if what zoro is going through ends up having him be the reincarnation of ryuma. Which honestly would ne terrible. This whole luffy becoming joyboy like this is terrible
Luffy is Joyboy so all this time he actually looking for his own treasure "ONE PIECE".

Roger: Joyboy, I wish I lived in the same era as yours
Joyboy findin his own treasure (this is beyond fairytale level of fuckery )
Roger dont have nika fruit , thats why he cant be Joyboys vessel

This shit lookin like karma thing from Boruto
Joyboy Top1
Luffy top 15
I agree to some extent.
The only disagreement is about Sanji.
Not because i believe he will not have adv CoC but because i believe his next pu it's going to be FS.
If both zoro and sanji do something more in this arc, i believe zoro is going to fight and sanji will save a situation that looks disastrous and FS would be quite fitting in that king of moments imo..
I think it’s going to relate to the world government.

Zoro is going to follow in Ryumas footprints and become a samurai that’ll scare the world government away from Wano (Mentioned by Gyukimaru)

Sanji is going to rescue Robin who will be captured by the WG (sea train 2.0) leading him to face off with a powerful member of the WG and during this fight. (I doubt it’ll be conclusive. However, it’ll have fodder nearby to knock out to prove he has it)
Then go look elsewhere.

This is not the kind of story One Piece is.
As I said in a previous post, One Piece is written like a mythological story.
Are mythological 'characters' (aka mythical heroes, demigods, deities etc) ''relatable''?

In One Piece, characters are the personifications of themes, of processes etc.

See One Piece as a big metaphor instead of a modern peak into the (especially adventurous) lives of actual, yet fictional people.
battle Shounen is in general based on Old Chinese Folk Tales about Mortals becoming Gods.

If people want Relatable characters there's Seinen or more grounded Shounen Like Slam dunk
@HA001 not really my theory, but it's a really good one by Yuderon, and what we sre seeing seems to suggest it's something "like" that.

Have a watch:

Oda doesn't seem to be going the natural rubber/amber route based on the heat steam we see and the fact that Luffy quite literally looks like he's melting in a way.

I do believe it's Oil at this point. The fact that he can ignite his fists too sort of implies he's been doing some version of it for a whil, or at least a loose implication of it.

I think he's going to legitimately generate explosions now with his fists. @Sentinel came up with good reasons for why his attacks may be named after artillery/bombs now.
Eos is gonna be a skypia repeat

Imu gonna fold everyone with a water fruit

And luffy gonna be immune cause he's oil
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