Who will beat Kaido now?

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Do you know anything about eastern mythologies? Everyone reincarnates in Shinto, everyone reincarnates in Buddhism, everyone reincarnates in Tao, everyone reincarnates in Hindu.
do they carry the power other people don't have too? like telepathy the drum power thing too
I expected all this lol for zkk, just thought Luffy would win in this "1v1". I assume now we transition to SHs vs Kaido... Im sure Sanji shows up, to save nami. He be cool for 1 second, then gets embarrassed by Kaido. :josad:lol Joyboy comes down and save his crew, but Kaido awakens, then later on Kaido will make the wano citizens his hostages or the SH's.... Zoro ends him :cheers:
He got KOed, went back like nothing happened, got KOed again and will be back like nothing happened

Yes, thats some natsu levels of plot armour right there, and it dosent happen with any other character in this series, at least not withoud an explanation. Zoro for example got pretty hurt but at least Oda used the mink medicine to explain how he was able to keep fighting...How about Luffy?
Luffy had meds at MF. I don’t see people complaining about Zoro using Asura with all of his bones broken because that shit makes absolutely no sense but it’s okay because Zoro is bad ass right?
Then go look elsewhere.

This is not the kind of story One Piece is.
As I said in a previous post, One Piece is written like a mythological story.
Are mythological 'characters' (aka mythical heroes, demigods, deities etc) ''relatable''?

In One Piece, characters are the personifications of themes, of processes etc.

See One Piece as a big metaphor instead of a modern peak into the (especially adventurous) lives of actual, yet fictional people.
Sigh...people knew this....they are just coping since it is Luffy....it is like going to pizza shop and asking for a green salad.....:milaugh::kuzanshut:
I'm not too thrilled about this Joy Boy business but I need the full lore dump to sort how I feel about the whole thing, I want to see how everything gets tied up and right now there's a million theories flying starting from Joy Boy hat soul, just DF awakening and even stuff like people dying with smiles on their face also possibly being related to this.
Being critical about something doesnt mean a person hates it. I like Luffy but I think his plot armor has been egregious this fight.
So just like in every fight?
Like Crocodile's poison doing nothing to Luffy?
Or Katakuri pummeling him for 11 hours, stabbing him with a death blow ?
Or even him surviving through Impel Down+Marineford despite the HORMONS alone being enough to kill him (not taking into account all the injuries)

Luffy has always had thick plot armor, I don't see how that's anything new.
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