Who will beat Kaido now?

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Also about Luffy's Nika Nika (Grin Grin) fruit making sense, this is the same manga where Tama has the Kibi Kibi (millet millet) fruit which allows her to use dangos to enslave animals.

Also Robin's 'flower flower' devil fruit allows her to bloom like a flower rather than being a flower. A Nika Nika fruit allows Luffy to stretch like a smile stretches the face? :suresure:

It sounds BS, but it might be what Oda goes with lol
They were almost even, and that was "barely standing" Luffy.
What a nonsense bro, Kaido was the one who took over 40-60named attacks, lot of them from different supernova, all scabbards and Yamato. And that same Kaido defeat Luffy three times during that time.
If someone was nerfed in this battle, it was clearly Kaido, Luffy only took like 2attacks from someone else rather of Kaido and these two where from Apoo, same Apoo who attack couldn´t knock out Maha or other CP0 guy.

It is clear that a fresh Hybrid Kaido>G4 Boundman with adv CoC/adv CoA...
It is also clear that current Kaido is stronger then Luffy, he is number one for a reason.
Coming up with 1on1 after like the half alliance fought Kaido and calling it 1on1 victory is kinda pathetic.
Not like Luffy, Kaido would still stand after that OKG, Luffy would lose either way with or without the CP0 member.

Ofc after wano the things could change, but for wano is clear that Luffy wouldn´t wiin against Kaido in a 1on1 battle.
Drunken Kaido clearly won his battle against Boundman Luffy.
It's not the same. CP9 was just one agent group which is not the strongest, and Spandam due to his affiliations within the WG their formal boss, with the CP9 members not even respecting him at all, just doing their job due to bloodlust. Now in the CP0 however he stays beneath Lucci.

Im however is the persona the Gorosei, the highest authorities in the world, bow down to and refer to him/her as the lord. As him/her who sits at the throne and rules over the world.

How exactly is this the same?
Cause it is same thing since IM is literally hiding from public, Both spamdam and IM hold authority power.

If he is exposed to public, he lose his power as doflimingo has the secrets which a person is sent to kill him to shut his secret.

Enel literally rule sky island openly unlike IM . Enel can openly rule the entire world in public .

IM ruling the world is not know at public and empty throne is lie to keep IM power.

IM will lose his power, if truth is rule out. Plenty of villains of other media rule the world openly to public.

My question is : Why IM is hiding from the public ? Is he is afraid of his secret getting exposed ?
Why some people think Sanji is the Sun God? It's obviously Luffy. If anything Sanji is Sora.
It seemed like a good explanation for sanji's flammes, at first

Cause, Fire - sun, problem is that freedom was never one of sanji's main themes, so he couldn't be the sun god

Which makes the explanation about his flammes pretty messed up

Sanji's emotions are just that much stronger than everyone else's, which seems pretty ridiculous considering the amount of trauma there's in one piece
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