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You can dislike whatever you want, but i tire of this "predictable = bad" mindset.

You do know it was "predictable " because it was a reoccurring theme of the arc, right? As if the author was leaving crescendoing crescent crumbs to lead the reader to the thought of, & excitement for, Luffy's awakening so that when it happens the reader gets sweet sweet dopamine for narrative payoff,not bitches because they are burdened by burning brilliance that allows them to follow a "common cause it works" narrative structure. You try to subvert this basic tenet of writing too much and you get all but 2 M Night movies.
gets you nu starwars trash, and the last season of Game of thrones.


It's not a wank just for strength growth as some people think, this goes much deeper into Luffy's character
Dude I know. I know I'm just a meme spammer so no one takes me seriously, but I wrote multiple detailed posts before on Luffy/Joy Boy from a pure character perspective. Might just copy+paste them in this week's chapter thread since I'd just be repeating myself lol
Also Being objective while we're on the subject, Luffy's fight vs Kaido since 1008 has been bad writing, because Luffy has had power up after power up after power up and now Luffy has had a Goku/Naruto like awakening which from a objective standpoint is absolutely terrible writing because there's no tension. Which is why it would have been more plausible to see Luffy, Kidd, and Law vs Kaido
I've been saying this was bad writing ever since 1010

Being objective there is a plausible reason to imply that it is bad writing if Zoro did one last miraculous recovery for ZKK.

As a subjective reader who has believed in ZKK from the getgo I believe if he had enough for one last shot it would make the story great.
It would be fine if Oda didn't overplay his card. If Oda merely showed that Zoro took a lot of damage, like Luffy/Kid/Law, then him getting up would be perfectly fine. However that isn't what happened. What happened is that Zoro broke like half of his bones before the mink medicine doubled that damage. What happened is that chopper, a doctor, raised the possibility of zoro dying and then we see him face to face with the grim reaper.

Zoro having a miraculous recovery at this point would utterly shit on any tension that was created by him undertaking the amount of damage he took.
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