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Maybe that having some dude ovehyping shit before we actualy get to see it is, well, not great?

I lost count on how many times i heard "one of the most amazing two page pannels in the manga" just for it to end up being average.
I don't care, never bothered me, I'm not gonna let anyone tell me what's good and what not, his personal opinion doesn't matter to me.
From Nejad on pirateking (rough eng translation),

He 's thinking about spoilers in general...

Normally the leackers (those who filter spoilers) do it to have fame or reputation on the internet. No one would risk leaking content for nothing with the fines and penalties against it if they don't profit.

However, here we have Mr. Redon , known for his spoilers in practically the 3 most important markets (America, Europe and Japan, his name is regularly mentioned in forums of all languages, including Japanese). And he has nothing wrong with him.

He also has access to the script or the chapter (I think the script) more than a week before its official release, which is strange.

Before the arrival of a certain app, the spoilers used to come out very briefly on Tuesday/Wednesday, Thursday there were already some photos and something else and on Friday there was the raw chapter. This in front of the public, many scanhunters had it all a day before.

The leaks were always for two reasons: 1) someone in Japan with access to the distribution of the printed jump got one. 2) someone from china or korea with access to the distribution of the jump in those countries did the same.

The most popular was option 2, where Japan had little control. And so that the stores had the jump on Sunday, since the distribution to those countries began a week or so before. Even so, those who did it in Japan used to get caught quickly and those from China and Korea took longer, but in the end they also fell. God I still remember nja, what times...

In 2019 Manga Plus appears, as an anti-fraud measure, or so they try, but since its appearance and the hiring of external translation studios, the leaks are even more complete and earlier. Since then, almost almost, redon no longer credits his sources in the spoilers, and on twitter he doesn't even stop generating hype.

I'm surprised that someone openly known, who even knows his name, the city where he lives and where he works (damn, we only need to know his social security number) is not in the eye of Shueisha or Jump, knowing how many have been falling other filters.

If I was told that Redon works for Shueisha herself to "regulate" how many spoilers are leaked and when, I wouldn't be surprised at all.

A person who respects the publication schedule almost every week exactly, in a very specific order... And when the day comes, he releases all the information of the chapter.

He makes him an accurate character, that you can trust what goes up and when he goes up. He makes you no longer worry about other leakers, because what for? Redon gives you everything, and surely the way he does it, Shueisha has fewer losses.

Redon is like the perfect leaker...and perfect doesn't exist naturally.

It may also be that he only knows someone from the publishing world, given his profession, with access to the content and passes on the information... But with the amount of detail and content that he uploads... Pfff, someone would have fallen a long time ago weather.

There is also his personal war against Youtubers and people who want to become famous by gutting the chapters with clickbaits and other shit...

It's like super legal, despite "illegally" filtering content from a mega-known series...

Then things like of this week, that someone "takes them for fools", and cancels their content as a protest or to say, "I give the spoilers, the way I give them otherwise, they close the beach bar for us". Do you want to continue having the amount of spoilers that I give you? Well, respect the rules."

If his job, or one of them, was to be an official Shueisha leaker... Would he be as revered as he is? It would be just an errand, he would not be doing us fans any favors, it would be his job .

It is also arriving on Sunday, when the mangaplus publication comes out, and Redon quotes or retweets the official Mangaplus account as if he had to do it obligatorily.

The alternative to this is that Redon belongs to a group of leakers or filterers who do not want to be caught and provide him with content in exchange for discretion. And if someone shows up who wants credit, Redon gives it to them, better for him, than the target is someone else.

I do not want to get anywhere with all this, since Redon is in charge of spoilers we have become accustomed to a precise agenda and calendar, making us more addicted. Years ago, not so many, you never knew when the spoiler was going to drop, sometimes it was Friday and there was still nothing from the chapter...

It would be funny to discover that all this is nothing but a very well elaborated Marketing exercise, to control spoilers and the piracy market...

Final note :

I don't intend anything with Redon, it's been a while since I don't care what he does or stop doing, he was unpleasant enough privately to even want to talk to him again. I understand that he has to deal with assholes on a daily basis and has to be a jerk in private, but that's no excuse to lose your composure in the slightest, even for those who speak well to you.

Knowing what I know, I could make a few calls and at the very least Redon would have a couple of cops on his doorstep from him but no one would gain anything, and I doubt he would lose.
Anyway, some theorize about the chapter, I do about the leaker. There will be those who think that it is rancor (which I already tell you that it is not), and there will be those who see what I am saying as something interesting to read.

All the best
He's not a fucking CIA/MI6 agent. He's a spoiler provider. holy fuck
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