Who will beat Kaido now?

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Law: Strawhat-ya's "voice"... Disappeared!!
Kid: Looks likes it was just false hope
Law: so this is our reality...I don't have enough strength to take him on!!
Fodder: hehehe now is the chance!
Take Law and Kid's head! They're on their last breath!
Law and Kid pirates: protect the captains!
Kid: Trafalgar, I'm gonna go for it... Surrender or staying down are not my options
Law: damn you Strawhat-ya

From this it looks like Kid is the onl one with some energy left to spare Law is definitely done even cursing at Luffy lmao found that hilarious:kobeha:
I don’t know how Oda will play out the next couple of chapters but it will definitely be critical for the continuance of the series fandom to back as many have said, it could be rather disappointing if Luffy is some ‘chosen one’ and has this mystical power that backs him up no matter what (I.e Naruto having the nine tails save him every time something difficult came up). I hope Oda manages to play this correctly.

As for what we’re seeing, I feel like Oda is connecting this to inherited will yet again. Here is my theory
Joy Boy is not someone. It’s a will. I feel like Nika the Sun God was from the ancient kingdom and something happened between him and the current world government which brought to slavery and destruction. Nika was also known as Joy Boy for his endeavors. He passed on his will in some form or another. When Zunesha says he hears the drum of liberation and says that ‘Joy Boy is back’ he is in fact referring to Luffy being the man that is rising up to the challenge and taking upon himself what Nika the Sun God once stood for. This also directly connects to the lantern wishes we saw last chapter.
Small point blank magma punch > Daifunka. Big Magma fists have been shown pushing fodders away. It's the small point blank punch that melts through your tissue.
Nope. Akainu has named attack for blank point too and the random punch wasn't one of them.

Akainu used the same nameless punches to blow holes into Whitebeard's chest and Jinbe's back. Meigo is just a technique allowing him to move with greater speed towards his opponent. The random punch Akainu used to blow a hole into Whitebeard's chest, would've molten Whitebeard's head just as well.
You mean he used the same nameless punch on a defenseless Whitebeard in what is one of the worst cases of PIS in the story ? Yea sure. Doesn't prove much. Akainu could have blown WB's head with Meigou in that instance but he did not.

And just about every club move from Kaido >>> Boro Breath.
Nonsense. Boro Breath messed up post-1026 Luffy far more than pretty much any other move from Kaido.
gonna be a long week and a bit in here of wondering where Goofy died or not.

At least we know can predict relatively well that the Kaido flashback will happen when Luffy gets to the bottom floor again.
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