Who will beat Kaido now?

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Only way that I can Zoro doing anything at all is if Franky takes him to Law and the mf spends like 30 years of his life to heal him or something
np, that not true, Zoro doesnt have broken bones (clearly he a fight about the pain that is getting) if Zoro can surpass this state he is fine.
Zoro doesnt have major injuries (it is just the pain that is stopping him).
Source: Nobody

Chapter starts with the dust settling, Luffy has lost Gear 4th with white eyes. CP0 boss reports Strawhat has been defeated and says it will be his last report.

Homicidal RAGE Kaido beats the hell out of CP0 until he falls through to the live floor. At the end Kaido roars with tears flowing, his victory cry. Narrator confirms Kaido Kaido's victory.

The CP0 who remains makes a run for it, with Kaido winning, there's no point in staying. The beast pirates celebrate, the samurai despair.

Zunisha says the warships are retreating, she no longer has to fight. Momonosuke asks if he (Momonosuke) is Joyboy. Zunisha says no but Joyboy's in Wano and she heard his voice earlier. Momonosuke says, 'A voice, that means...

Kaido's drowning his sorrows crying he was cheated of a proper victory and decides he'll attempt suicide one last time.

A loud voice is heard, it is mixed with Conquerors Haki, all the remaining Beast Pirates faint. Momonosuke and Zunisha say "Joyboy". Last panel is Kaido looking shocked with a silloutte in front of him.
Remember when the leakers hyped up the shadow figure and it turned out to be Zunesha lmao. It’s probably gonna be some lame shit
Yeah, this time there is no "hype" but the latest bits of info about it being community breaking and maybe related to Yamato makes me fear it's just going to be some shit Yamato and Momo talk about.
Oda has forced us to care about one of the worst characters in the series and is now making him Joy Boy. I didnt think I'd quit OP so soon after picking it up again but my lord this shit is hilarious. He's absolutely fumbled this arc like crazy

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