Who will defeat Kaido?

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redon on Pirate King forums:

the Popeye comparisons is a good one, because one of the things that "awakening" gives Luffy's fruit is "freedom". And that "freedom" allows Luffy to fight as he wants, and in this case (for now) it's to fight as if he were a cartoon, with all sorts of crazy things.

And as you can see, that doesn't only affect him, it also affects the enemy (that's why Kaidou in one image also looks like someone out of Looney Tunes or something).
This is just a joke of a writing
@Gol D. Roger why can’t we post the leaked images in the spoiler section?
Slight legality issue with how they came online. It was recommended to me to remove all the "clean" images for now just to be safe, with one of them having a WSJ watermark on it which is a big no-no. When the chapter images leak normally in a day or two, you guys can post them per the norm.
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