Who will defeat Kaido?

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That would mean Luffy awakened the second he got the fruit. Because being rubber is an extra passive ability from Nika not a normal human.
I rather think it's the contrast. Luffy's a rubber man but now he's the mythological zoan Nika, hence him representing Looney Tunes characters.
For example, Kaido was most likely just some fish zoan but his awakened managed to make him a dragon. Marco was some birdy zoan man but his awakened made him the phoenix.
This right here fellas is the typical braindead Luffy fan, this kind of individual decides to wank the protagonist as it is a safe bet, seeing how the protagonist will always have the focus on him, and will get the longest and most important fights.

But you see a braindead luffy fan is not a regular luffy fan, what differentiates them is that they are not just braindead as the name imply, but they are also insecure lil' bitches
As soon as a character gets too close to Luffy the dead tissue in their brains will distort their memory to something that never happened in the manga, and every time they read the manga, they see pannels that are diferent than the ones a normal person sees, current technology for the first time allows us to see what a braindead luffy stan see when they read the manga:
This is what a normal person sees:

Now lets put it into a scanner soo we can see what a braindead one piece reader would see:
Oden's haki is real, don't cry.
Wrong. It takes a lot of time (at least 10 years) to awaken the devil fruit. However, Catarina Devon has only had her fruit for 2 years(Max) and can already use the abilities of the mystical zoan fruit.
Who says that? There is no concrete statement how long it takes characters to awake their zoan fruit.

And Catarina having her fruit for 2 years? Proof?
Yeah you guys have to understand lance and scotch are luffy fanboys.

This chapter literally decreased the hype for me idgaf about him. For me as a Kaido fan it was 1/10 so yeah

People need to understand, that these providers are hyping just fits into THEIR narrative.
As a Kaido fan you should be even more hyped then, because we know for a fact that Luffy isn't going to just rag doll Kaido until he wins. That means there is more to come from Kaido's end.


Heavy Metal
Luffy's reward after Wano - 6 billion
Zoro's reward after Wano 1.5-2.5 billion
Sanji's reward after Wano 1.5-2.5 billion
Law's reward after Wano less than 1.5 billion
Kid's reward after Wano less than 1.5 billion
Killer's reward after Wano less than 800 million
There is no way the world government will give a smaller Bounty to people taking down a yonko in comparison to people taking down a yonkos first / second. It doesnt make sense.
Luffy is definitely getting 5 Billion.
Law and Kidd are both going over 2 Billion as well probably
Luffy 6 billion and that's it.
Luffis bounty for Kaido will be Luffy's last bounty because after this arc, there will be a final war with the Government. And there will be no one else to give Luffy's bounty, and his bounty at the end of the manga should be higher than Roger's. It's 6 billion.

Law and Kid are not even worthy of 1.5 billion, what 2?) If the island was not in the air, then BM, even without Haki, would have defeated them after their last attacks. What is the sum of 4 by 2?
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