Who will defeat Kaido?

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Oda has to clean up the gorosei not knowing about the fruit and immediately killing luffy. This is galaxy levels of incompetence.
There's no asspull reason of why the government would not heavily hunt down Luffy from the getgo.

Even if it was just an small hint of being the Nika Nika no mi such was still the biggest threat to the WG.
She kind of beat but plot needed them to "win". All I'm gonna say is that she wasn't defeated.

Luffy is getting possessed. This fake spoiler just confirms he was dead.

I never complained about series being predictable. This is the only thing Oda does great but not always is a good thing.
This literally seems like every content creator theory has become true. When that happened ever in One Piece? This is too obvious and boring.
Morj going to say raid is still failing for another week ffs. At least his head canon about the reason it failing cause Sanji and Zoro were both asleep flopped
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