Who will defeat Kaido?

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Luffy will have a next stage in aCoC,aCoA,acoo I bet.
I doubt it, what is there besides the haki of seeing the future?

Even Ryleigh when he went to exalt the CoO, limited the haki only to the vision of the future, and Rayleigh is the PK's right hand man.

So there is no next level for CoO, and not even for King Haki and Acoa.

We reached the limit of haki evolution, so much so that Oda had to develop Luffy's DF instead of trying to give him another level of Haki.
Oda doesn't want any tension lol
At least let Kaido go rampage for 1 chapter
Stop holding Kaido backk

And once again which doesn't make any sense about Luffy DF.
If World Govt were serious about getting it, why don't they hunt him down, there's many chance to capture him during pre skip. Such inconsistency.

It really look like Oda doesn't originally plan about Luffy DF, and he only plan it on the very least during the start of post time skip.
They probably tried that in the past and it didn't work.
Gotta say that after all this destiny bullshit going on, Monkey D Luffy having the mythological Nika fruit, Trafalgar D Law having the ultimate Ope Ope fruit, I’m more impressed that a nobody like Kidd with his nobody DF has managed to stand alongside them. :crazwhat:
Actually I changed my mind and I like this now. Why?

Shanks yakuza CONFIRMED
Shanks didn't get low diffed by sea king CONFIRMED
Shanks cut his own arm off and mailed it to the underworld boss to apologize for losing the devil fruit at sea before jumping in the water CONFIRMED

Finally the overly freaking out reaction in chapter 1 makes sense.
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