Who will defeat Kaido?

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sounds perfect. Shanks loves Luffy, but he loves peace more, and although it hurts him to see Luffy being defeated or arrested, he prefers perhaps to reach an agreement with the GM where Luffy is arrested or detained.
Idk what if Shanks wanted the WG to go after Luffy because it would help him awaken his fruit so he can find the OP and complete the journey like Roger could not
I doubt it, what is there besides the haki of seeing the future?

Even Ryleigh when he went to exalt the CoO, limited the haki only to the vision of the future, and Rayleigh is the PK's right hand man.

So there is no next level for CoO, and not even for King Haki and Acoa.

We reached the limit of haki evolution, so much so that Oda had to develop Luffy's DF instead of trying to give him another level of Haki.
I simply don't discard anything.

Plus this will help characters behind Luffy getting those advanced versions without issue cuz the MC will get a stronger version.
Oh by the way
IFFF Luffy is mythical Zoan, and NOW he's AWAKENED.... Oda does not even need to explain why Luffy regained his health and can fight and has more haki....
Since that's what awakened Zoan in general can do.... since Impel down..... Well played Oda.... well fucking played....
I just realized that thanks to a previous comment....

But the only thing that still doesn't make sense is why WG didn't treat Luffy and his fruit in very special way since beginning of series and ONLY now they had fear from it

Oda HAS to explain that.... cause no matter how you spin that... it doesn't make sense how gomu gomu fruit never was treated in special way....
IT got probably forgotten through history, only gorosei and Imu knew
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