Who will defeat Kaido?

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for quite some time, I personally had the thought that Awakening has two stages....
the two stages is getting access to other DF type

Meaning, if you are Paramecia, you can have some Logia and Zoan abilities, if you are Zoan, you get access to Logia and Paramecia abilities, and so on

Meaning, when Luffy was fighting Doffy who ate a paramecia.... Luffy stated about Doffy's awakening that it looks like a logia now... and basically when you master that fruit and awakening fully, it basically is hard to categorize it as one of any type of fruit... which will be Oda's way of saying that ALL DF can be of equal importance if the user is that good....

I also would like to bring up Enel final form as an example against Luffy.... Enel who is a Logia with electricity power, at the very end he looked like he had a Zoan transformation to mythical being "Raijin".... it really felt weird and many have theorized that it could be his awakening form or related to it

So,I feel awakening allows you access to use special abilities in other categories HOWEVER it must be suited with the fruit...

I'll give an example.... A zoan user like Hancock sister who uses snake DF... normally it is just a Zoan DF, close combat..... but because snake has ability of producing poison... that can somehow get access to Logia/Paramecia realm through the poison

Let's say you have cat cat devil fruit.... cats are known for their Nails which can scratch you OR also their light movement with no sound.... thus the name for name "cat burglar"..... So, Oda can go the route of getting accessin creating very sharp nailsand producing shit as sharp as Doffy's strings.... or maybe the light movement of cats might allow it to have access to an ability like Sobe Sobe fruit (invisibility)
or have 9 lives (which is similar to Brook revive fruit)....etc....

So.. yeah... I feel that's what awakening will be like when explained
I would honestly leave rules related to Awakening completely in the dumpster. I think oda will just do stuff without much thought to it. Ofcourse if he sticks to just one type i.e. effecting surroundings it would help..but thats not the case.

Sasaki Kojirō

Power Ups Luffy received that fans thought would be against other opponents:

  1. Acoa: Everyone thought it would be against kaido since he is the most durable being in all of history.
  2. Adcoc: They thought it would be with Shanks, but Luffy received it against Kaido.
  3. Splitting the skies : They thought it would be with Shanks or BB, it ended up being with Kaidou.
  4. Awakening DF : They thought it would be with IMU or BB, it ended up being with Kaido.
  5. G5 : It ended up being with Kaido.

I forgot to add the 6th, which is Luffy's death.
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