Who will defeat Kaido?

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Zoro Worshipper
Everyone has done great so far Not only Zoro. I'll give you that. No matter how small, everyone contributed in this battle. And what is convincing and not convincing? If Zoro is involved in defeating Kaido, it's convincing? If not, it's not convincing?
If Luffy will manage to defeat Kaido in a way that looks solid enough and doesn't involve much luck I will recognize that.

Just like I know that the Grandmaster didn't show to be particularly weaker than Kaido, not as much as some fans believed, given he had to salvage everyone's butt by tackling Hakai and so he was just in too pitiful conditions in order to proper match Kaido, not to mention he got stronger since his rooftop times too.

I would have loved to see Zoro vs Kaido without any hijacks just like this version of Luffy fighting off an healthy Kaido whilst both healthy.

It's quite possible Luffy is simply stronger than Zoro right now but we ain't the ones looking ignorant in their depictions.
Nah, i still have to go the another bigger hospital tommorow.
hopefully i will still be alive by then, the hospital that i just visited didnt have advance enough equipment to take out the pills in my throat.

But I've accepted my fate, I'm not that sad anymore, if i die so be it.
Everything happened for a reason.
You won't. You will live and will see how great Sanji will become!
I have a question

Why in your opinion didn’t the WG try to lockdown Luffy to prevent him from awakening his hito hito no mi mythical fruit and « becoming » JoyBoy ( I will assume that it’s a title )

i can understand why they don’t want to kill him ( the devil fruit will reappear somewhere else and since the zoan have his on mind he will « run away » from them ) but why not just sending like 2 amiral on luffy when he was on east blue / on the start of his Grand line journey

He doesn’t make sense for me rn, I know Oda will make it have sense in the future but I still want your opinion on this
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