Who will defeat Kaido?

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People saying Luffy when it clearly not him anymore.

And having this person saying Gear 5 like he actively did it.

This is not Luffy and is not G5. Luffy gears are something that he makes up not something that possesses his body.
of course oda added that for no reason :milaugh: whatever helps you cope i suppose
Hmm. Maybe you're right. Maybe the reason is becuase Oda want Zoro to do something while Luffy finishes the war y'all Zorotards think Zoro will finish. Not to mention, the guy who save the most important figure of Wano has a yellow hair and curly brows. Well, I'll give you credit Zorotards since Zor managed to make a teeny little scratch on Kaido. lol
The Vinsmoke's eyebrowns definitively are linked to the Devil Fruits and the genetic modifications, considering the Nika's ones.
I think it's pretty logical to assume that the Germa's powers (electricity, laser, poison, probably Sanji's fire) were achieved by Judge extrapolating the DNA from the Devil Fruits and adding it to his son.
The new Vegapunk's weapons could be something similar: an army of new Pacifista with a lot of DF powers each.
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