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childish ? drop sales ? one piece still one of the most seller manga currently . Oda did not create this ability now. he created mainline story 25 years ago . When luffy ate devil fruit for the first time , oda have already created this awakening. what do u expect from awakening ????? serious luffy will bending all environment as a rubber or resin at awakening form ? But when he made these by laughing , that has been bullshit ??? what is difference right now ??
Oda doesn't plan everything ahead
He never thought of Luffy's awakening to be This
That's for sure

The dude literally drags arcs or create new characters when he feels like it (or when editors tells him so) so that he remains unpredictable
The only thing Oda planned in advanced is the ending which also is already modified slightly as far as we can guess.

Stop trying to defending this lame decision
Wano is so trash yet you guys still find excuses

"Luffy smiled aa a child so Oda gave an hint" t
"Look at how he creates gears so Oda is a genius"
When I tell people OP is just pirate version of Naruto , they laugh

Oda literally copies Kishi, vice versa
Both of them are friends

I know nika chosen one is the hot topic, but something else also got me thinking. The Gorosei seemed worried that they angered Kaido. Could this be somewhat a foreshadow that Kaido win join the fight agaisnt the WG?
Some people say Oda had this ability planned for luffy since the beginning in SBS Volume 20 so many years ago that i didnt even started one piece yet Oda was asked this and his response was very sus as if hes sweatting that somebody could find out already lol.

I suppose I should say they "BECOME HUMAN". Uh, I guess you could say that means like becoming an adult, or finding your true spirit or something. So basically, people will live more human-like. Well. I guess you could say that. Or not. Basically, not. Goodbye. (runs away).

I always wondered why Garp send Luffy to Dadan, hiding him with bandits, only after Luffy met Shanks and ate the Gomu Gomu. Last minute adition or not, this might turn out to be a reason.

We gotta find out how much Garp really knows. Given God Valley incident, he might really have found out important stuff and maybe changed the way he thought and acted for the government...
Filler chapter, nothing actually happened.
Guffy started 6th round, wants more Ls...
My power scaling coming true - Luffy reached his peak.
Zoro about to reach it as well, the world isnt ready for it.
The #1 spot belongs to the King of Hell. :finally:
are does triple dots i see, it seems he has finally cracked.
I dont think this is an asspull.
Thousand Sunny
Romance Dawn
of the World
Skypians believed in the Sun.
Thriller Bark was waiting for the Dawn
Impel Down Prisoners wanted to go to the place where the sun still shines

This power is thematologically perfect.
As the world government not going harder after Luffy.
1. Luffy hadnt awakened his fruit.
2. They did go hard after him. They sent admirals. Imu had Luffy's posters in his bedroom. So he did take him seriously as a threat.