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Mr. Tuna Sandwich

SII - Sakazuki Incinerate Imu
Watching old One Piece clips of Luffy is weird now...
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You seem to have confused yourself. Part of the problem is that they didn’t send an Admiral at all until Sabaody. They wouldn’t even have sent the Admiral if Luffy hadn’t attacked a CD either. Part of the issue is that they didn’t send any serious force to recover the supposedly significant fruit in the first place and only sent them out for every other reason except the fruit.

And no, the appropriate comparison is that Akainu wouldn’t have cared an iota for Luffy if he wasn’t Dragon’s son so wouldn’t have made much effort to kill him.
You just keep proving the point. Akainu himself said with his own mouth that he didn’t care if any of the other pirates got away as long as he got Ace & Luffy, so he put extra effort into that and even told others to just get out of his way so he could kill Luffy. His strength didn’t change, but amount of effort applied certainly did.
There’s no point pretending to be obtuse.

I thought all that would have been perfectly clear with the previous analogies. The amount of effort you put into chasing someone with a nuclear bomb is far different than one with a parking ticket.

Oh Lord. Now your excuse is Dragon will take a couple of days to get there? How would that help Luffy who was already assassinated by CP0 2 days ago before Dragon even got on his ship?
How would Dragon even magically know when CP0 has been given the kill order for Luffy? Is he living in the basement of Mariejois? Lol!

How ingenious. Dragon will use the fact that the WG killed his son to destroy them by telling people that the incident is suspicious and they should believe him the Worst Criminal over the WG that protects them.
What a fearful eventuality, lmfao!
That's false Aokiji went after him and they sent Vice-Admiral Garp as well
Binks Sake says after Rising Sun, The Moon will come
And according to Toki's Prophecy, Moon will cast Nine Shadows who will save Wano

Sun God Nika is also described as God who makes others Happy or Laugh
And this is similar to Kaidou who made Laughing People through Smile Fruits (Kaidou is portrayed as Fake Joy Boy)

This is why i believe that Kaidou is gonna be taken down by Joyful Army
I think Luffy won't be the one to finish off Kaidou, but there will actually be a Scene where Alliance are all standing up together facing Kaidou

In Thriller Bark, after Luffy used Nightmare Mode & reverted back to Normal, we saw all SHs combined their Efforts to hold Oars in place & then Luffy finished him off. In Kaidou's Case, i believe Luffy will be the one to restrict Kaidou & make him unable to counter the Attacks of the Alliance as they all engage him while joyful & laughing then comes a Team Combo from all SHs which ends with Zoro dealing the Final Blow himself alone

I believe what Denjiro is about to do gonna make all Beasts Pirates lose & Samurai Victorious (Only Kaidou remains)
All SHs, Kid, Law & Killer, Marco, remaining Scabbards, Hyogoro, Carrot ... etc are all doing nothing now so i believe Oda is preparing a Scene where they all stand together in massive Double Spread, to show Sun God's Biggest Ability which is the Allies he gains

This is...good scenario. What the heck why is this scenario so good, Luffy restraining Kaidou while the alliance making team attacks and Zoro executing? It's a fresh idea :funky:


@Akai2 @Ghostly Reflections @Sanji D Goat where is your chapter review are you slacking or have you actually already post em, stop memeing for now and get to it like you mean it, here's the motivation from me:beckmoji::getnappaed:kingufy:zehaha::stealthblack:
This jet lag is annoying, can't find the energy to write about it lol

Sucks cause this is like my favorite chapter in the manga :pepebusi:
one of the biggest fucking things in the whole series the government doesnt want to do. balance of powers. dont interfere in yonko territory. durrrr why arent they publicly trying to kill luffy in wci and wano. durrrr 40 panels of ppl saying we cant publicly interfere in wano we have no jurisdiction. durr why isnt akainu in wano. WG finally DESPERATE enough to interfere in front of kaidos face and dummies are like uhhhh why didnt they do this earlier. lmfao.

i wish the people who "had honest criticism" of this series were actually smart and had criticism that made fucking sense
I think WG could have done it way before in grandline itself?