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Oda wrote this chapter just to show off G5 and its applications, but most importantly, the drawbacks it has on Luffy. I get the feeling Luffy will be in the same boat as Zoro after defeating Kaido.

I specifically like goofy and unpredictable Luffy's G5 is, it makes it difficult to take him seriously.
So comfirmation that Zoan awakenings are a form change but Paramecia awaken the enviroment then?

Interesting that the most obvious boost for G5 is not attack power but defence. Luffy’s walking off attacks that would have fucked him earlier. Makes sense, he had strong attacks anyone. It’s really just added some wild versatility to them, something that’s been lacking from Luffy’s fighting style since the first gears were introduced, really.

And I’m getting a lot more used to how it looked. Really liked the double spread of Gigant Luffy- just in time for Elbaf and finding out about the Giant Strawhat, eh?
Wow at first glimpse Luffys fighting style seems like a joke but maaaaan this is brutal! He jumps out of Kaidos eyes and in the end he let his haki explode in Kaidos head

A few things happened we always expected to happen like Giant Luffy (this was so extra good) and the fight inside Kaidos body. A lot of people speculated back then that this would be the only way to damage Kaido, not exactly but partly fulfilled here - very nice. My favorite was definitely the jump rope. What an epic moment.

I think this chapter lives from the epic moments and Oda did a really good job in drawing this hilarious moments!

When Luffy sat down, Kaido also breaks down to his knees. The fight shouldn’t go much further. It seems like Kaido is pushing himself over his limits. His body is not willing to fight anymore but his fighting spirit keeps going just as luffys - epic.

Like G4, G5 seems to increase the resistance of luffys body to any attacks to a new level. Even a godlike ragnaroku doesn’t do barely any damage with it sharp endings. I wonder if swords could even could him at this point. I doubt it

To be fair, Luffy's range is nowhere near Doflamingo's and Katakuri's. Luffy seeminly needs to be makin contact with the area directly.

Katakuri and Doflamingo could turn the entire rooftop into their element and use it against Kaidou. Luffy's just bouncing around.
Luffy is unwillingly affecting people on whole onigashima, his range is beyond these two
My mind just can't understand how people think this is a good way to defeat Kaido man

Because this is what Kaidou was looking for, this is why he wanted that Caesar and Doffy make Smiles.
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Imagine if Doflamingo's and Katakuri's awakenings also affected people, besides just the area around them

But of course, the rules are broken for Luffy

He can do it with everything

and no, that's not a chosen one power up, Luffy earned it -s

Who trained this fruit to a Awaken? Was the joyboy who lived in the fruit? Was Zolo? C'mon, you have been hating since Luffy vs Kaidou has started.
Wow at first glimpse Luffys fighting style seems like a joke but maaaaan this is brutal! He jumps out of Kaidos eyes
A lot of people misinterpet this scene for some reason.
Luffy is affecting Kaido with his fruit making some parts of his body rubbery (call it toon force).
When he was in Kaido's stomach he saw the two lights, ofc Kaido's eyes. He grabbed Kaido's nose by making Kaido's eyes rubbery. He didn't make holes in Kaido's eyes. They just stretched along with Luffy's arms.
Then he used the nose as an anchor to propel himself out of Kaido's mouth. We can see Kaido's mouth wide open behind Luffy who is covered in Kaido's stomach juices.