Who is a better character?

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How does it feel to love someone?
Ok and when Buggy says that he is the strongest at the sea you believe him? Shanks is the type of guy who hides his real power and is still not revealed completely. There is a meaning behind why Kaido is now fighting and shanks has a panel time of zero. He will bring the real deal
Says who? What kinda headcanon is this lmfao?

And did you just compare buggy to a top tier like Kaido who's had other people hail him as number 1? Bruh.
No dude you arent seeing it
if anything its BB
its one thing to like shanks as a character
its another to completely ignore manga statements to act like he is the strongest
it isnt just kaido that sees himself as the strongest. killer and kid who came up against red hair pirates too called him that
Killer lost against a subordinate from Shanks. He didn’t even fought him. But if you are fine with BB actually being stronger than there is potential if shanks being too. Kidd Killer and Kaido Never fought a real battle against BB and Shanks so they can’t know what’s going on.
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