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|One Piece Chapter 1046 Spoiler Summaries and Images|

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From Lebrent - Worstgen Forums
- Chapter 1046: Raizo
- Raizo is executing his grand plan. (focus of the Chapter)
- Break next week.

Confirmed by TalkOP, ScotchInformer, Redon

Confirmed by TalkOP: There's Kaido and Luffy, Zoro and Sanji in a brief moment, Raizo's plan is to put out the flames across the island.

From TalkOP confirmed by Scotch(On Discord):

-There are short shots of Luffy VS Kaido, Zoro, Sanji
-Raizo's plan is to put out the fire on the entire island

|Break Information|
According to Redon on PK forums, we'll get spoilers for Chapter-1047 b/w April 19th, Tuesday—the earliest if we get leaks per the usual—and
April 21st, Thursday if the spoilers are delayed.
~WG Staff
From 5ch:





最初5p ルフィーとカイドウのやり取り
9p 城内
1p ヤマトがモモに焔雲を
1p ルフィーがサンダーサーベル持って(雷神みたいに見える)カイドウに襲い掛かる感じで終わり



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First 5 pages of Luffy vs Kaidou
9 pages inside the castle
1 page with Momo and Yamato with the flame clouds
1 page with Luffy grabbing thunder(he looks like a lightning God) and goes to attack Kaidou and ends there with Kaidou's smile saying "Come"

From 5ch:


Q: he had predicted the fire since Zou? He can see quite far into the future(reference to Katakuri's last sentence to luffy)

A: he had it prepared since Oden's castle burned


Pepebusi Spammer
from Redon in Pirate King Forum

Chapter 1046: “Raizo”

- We already saw that Raizou used his scroll to "save" Kaidou's attacks (Bolo Breath) and return them to him.
- Something similar he did when he was in Zou, he kept in his scrolls the water that Zunesha used to bathe.
- Raizou had this idea in mind ever since the Oden castle burned down 20 years ago, so that if he were ever in a similar situation again, he would be prepared.
- The water in his scroll has flooded the interior of the castle, and Jinbe is the one who controls that water as his was a sea current to put out the fire.
- The 1st page is the cover (no details about it yet).
- The first 5 pages of the chapter are from Luffy vs Kaido.
- The next 9 pages are inside the castle (everything about Raizo, Jinbe, Sanji, Zoro...).
- Sanji and Zoro appear in 1 panel each.
- Sanji appears talking and Zoro is carried away by Franky (he doesn't say anything or is still unconscious).
- There is 1 page about Yamato and Momonosuke (and something about the clouds of flames).
- And the final page where Luffy catches lightning (he looks like a God of Thunder) and goes to attack Kaidou (and Kaidou seems to laugh and say "Go ahead" or something).
- Luffy's final attack has no name yet.
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From Monkey D. Dragon :
At the end of the chapter, Kaido's clouds that lift Onigashima have begun to fade.(Yamato and Momonosuke started to notice that). The Island started / about to fall.
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Page 1
"2 intruders in Pudding's "Chocolate Town!!"

Page 2
Luffy: what I just did, how should I name it? Gum gum..hmmm
Kaido: ugh..One question...
Kaido: Who...Are you?!
Zunesha: (this really takes me back..This rhythm..
Joy Boy...Oh Joy Boy...)

Page 3
Zunesha: (it's as if you're right there... I'm filled with excitement...I can't help but feel that this is all "destiny". I can't help but...
To have faith in him...)
Luffy: who am I? I am Monkey D Luffy!! The one who'll surpass you!!
And become the king of pirates!!

Page 4&5
Kaido: I'm glad you're still as cocky as ever Strawhat! When both your mind and body are caught up by your ability, that is what awakening means. What a ridiculous power!!
I have lost quite a lot ...What I have build up to this point!! My men! My castle! Plenty of them were ruined!! Same occurred for you isn't it?!
Luffy: There are things that I must take back even if I face these costs!!
Kaido: Kundali Dragon Swarm!!
Luffy: take this!!

Page 6
Luffy: hm? Cough cough
Kaido: huff huff...Down there..The flame has surrounded all the floors along with the castle. Your army of thousands must be all trapped! They'll all burn to death!!
Luffy: I entrusted those guys to take care of things down below!
My only job is to beat you up!!
Kaido: demolition gust!!

Page 7
【live floor】
Put out the fire!!
It's not just inside the castle!! All the towers are starting to burn!!
Chopper: are you alright Nami?! What should we do?! we can't put out the fire!
Nami: Chopper
Chopper: Zoro, Sanji, Franky, Usopp, Robin, Brook and Jinbe!! Nobody is here!! Are they all in the fire?!
Nami: is that true?! But..
Even if we want to search, the situation won't allow it. You might as well say Onigahsima itself is on fire!! We are in danger too! There's no safely anywhere unless we land!
Chopper: Zeus do something with your rain!!
Zeus: with a fire this large even I will get burned!

Page 8
Fodders: it's over!! We're surrounded by fire!!
There's no way to escape!!
Damn it!!!
【first floor】
Bepo: I can't take heat!!
Penguin: what a bother Bepo! Aw hot!
Someone: it might be over for us..I don't think we can get out alive
Save us Captainnnn
Samurai: woah!! I pity you!
There's no word to describe it!
Brook: wait no I'm not a burned corpse!
A way for everyone to get out...Is it possible?
Robin: perhaps not

Page 9
【left brain tower pleasure hall】
Sanji: it won't work, even if we try to escape to outside the castle, the ground is long gone!!
Inbi: ibibi!!
Apoo: come on it's not that hot!!! Destroy the wall!! We'll die if you don't! An arm is a cheap price to pay for survival!!
Inbi: ibi?!
Apoo: make some use of your huge body! You idiot!!
Inbi: ibibi!!
Apoo: you wanna fight?!

Page 10
Usopp: Green Star: sprinkler!!
Hamlet: it's like a mere drop in a bucket sir!
Usopp: shut up!! You do something then! I made a promise with Izo you know!
I will save Kin and Kiku, and I wanna save myself too!!
Hamlet: include me in there sir!
【right brain tower】
Franky: this castle and fire need tto chill out!
Where should I go?! I need to let Chopper treat him fast! Zoro's live is in danger!
Fodders: help us big bro!
We're all gonna die before that!!
Franky: who just said that?! I'll burn you!

Page 11
【4th floor】
Raizo: I'm all set! sir Jinbe!
Words cannot express my gratitude for your trust!!
Jinbe: you samurais are allies chosen by Luffy! No reason for doubts!
Now, come!
Raizo: I shall also! Place my faith in you!
(I've been ready...Since that fateful day..!!)
"Lady Toki!! Lord Momonosuke!! Lady Hiyori!!"

Page 12&13
Raizo: not only did I failed to protect Lord Oden on that day!! I also let my lord and ladies be exposed to danger in the burning castle. I have all these ninja arts yet I protected no one!! What a failure!!
I never...Want to experience that again!! Never!!
Inuarashi! What is this rain?!"
"It's Zunesha taking a shower!"
"What an abundance of water!! Can I take it?!"
I shall not let the people who devote their lives for this raid die to mere fire!
Sorry for the wait everyone! Now let your eyes feast upon this unbelievable stream!
Ninpo scroll scroll jutsu!! "Shower of Zou (Elephant)"!! Nin nin nin!!
"Back at you"!!
Jinbe: what an amount..!!
Water heart fishman jujutsu
Ocean Current Shoulder Throw!!

Page 14
【3rd floor】
Mink: it's another dead end!! BB san It's over for us!
BB: What kind of battle is this?! No way we are going to lose to fire! Was someone continuously setting things on fire?!

Page 15
Jinbe: let this spread around the castle!!
Raizo: I pray we are not too late! Save everyone! Water of Zou!
【1st floor】
Killer:you guys, put me down fa fa fa
Kid pirates: at least let us do this for you Killer san! Fa fa fa!!
It's hot!! What do we do?! We really don't have anywhere to escape to!!
Hmm? Did you guys feel that rumbling?
?! It's water!! We're saved!!

Page 16
Yamato: hurry up Momonosuke!!
Momo: huh? Why? Kaido is still alive!!
Yamato: it's at their limit!! The flame clouds won't hold!! You have to make it!! Flame clouds that can support Onigashima!! That was the only way from the beginning!!
Momo: eh?!!

Page 17
Yamato: Onigashima!! Is going to fall!!
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"Water heart fishman jujutsu" ! Frame HQ

by : Sword ソード

This is Raizo hitting Jinbe with the water, not jujutsu
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Two clarifications sorry everyone

Kaido: Who...Are you?!
this is because Kaido is not sure if Luffy is still Luffy
Kaido: I'm glad you're still as cocky as ever Strawhat! When both your mind and body are caught up by your ability, that is what awakening means
It was off before, this should be more accurate now
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