Who is the strongest character?

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Anyhow, I wouldn't take Kaido's word as Oda's word. Awakening is Luffy's last powerup and a much bigger deal was made out of it than CoC.

The whole point of Luffy and BB is that they will surpass Roger, which Kaido used as an example.
throughout the wano arc i feel ashamed for being a fan of those rubbish admirals.:josad:
I mean....my profile pic asside, im not a big fan of admirals, dont realy care too much for them....

Buw what do you mean? the admirals didnt apear in this arc soo theres no L to take, and the simple fact that they will be used in a later arc instead of this one is cause for hype.

Remenber Akainu and Aokiji permanently changed the climate of an entire fucking island.
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