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This chapter has confirmed that Luffy is going to be so stupidly broken come EoS in comparison to all other characters its not even funny.

Kaidos dialogue about Roger and haki is what solidifies it. As it currently stands, Luffys Devil Fruit puts him on par with the most elite of the elite. But there is one character where that Devil Fruit will be useless against, and that is Blackbeard.

That means the only way to stand up against Blackbeard will be to have absolutely broken haki.

So not only will Luffy have a broken devil fruit, but he will also have God Tier haki.

This man is going to put everyone past and present to shame. So fucking amped for this.
Yeah in my personal opinion Imu will be much more broken than even BB, so Luffy having to match and surpass that, is gonna be insane.
In order to truly enjoy Gear 5 Luffy vs Kaido, you must read the chapter while listening to a compilation of Looney Tunes sound effects.

I am disappointed that we didn’t get to see who invaded WCI, but I absolutely love color spreads where the Strawhats interact with one another! I really enjoyed seeing Sanji and Usopp joking around.

The flashback really shows how Momo loved Toki and wanted to make her proud. He is only 8 and has to say goodbye to her forever. The only part I didn’t care for was Kinemon claiming that he wants to die with honor on the battlefield. Does anyone else remember when Kaido “killed” Kinemon? We even got a heart wrenching flashback, which showed how Kinemon and Momo’s bond grew and developed? Then Kinemon survived! Because Pepperidge Farms remembers!

I love how Luffy is going absolutely wild with Gear 5 and the subsequent abilities! He threw a lightning bolt at Kaido, however, I am also glad that Kaido was smart enough to dodge it. Kaido you can’t tell Luffy not to play around when 90% of this fight has been the two of you laughing about how much fun you’re both having.

Roger didn’t have a devil fruit. I always thought it was obvious he didn’t, so I am surprised to learn that there were Roger devil fruit theories.

I like how Oda has been consistent with Luffy’s weakness being slashing attacks.

I thought the focus on Kidd this chapter was interesting. He is only in one panel, but his facial expression says a lot. I wonder if he is bothered by all the praise and accolades that Luffy is receiving?

Well, Orochi is still alive. I am not happy about that, but I want to try and leave more positive comments regarding the chapter…so moving on!

Oh man! Luffy’s giant haki fist is amazing! Does this mean that I will see giant Luffy next chapter? I sure hope so. I also like Luffy’s absolute faith in Momo. He has complete confidence in Momo. It’s now or never Momo! Move that island!

Enjoyable chapter but I still don’t know if Luffy’s giant haki punch will defeat Kaido. Oda did say that Luffy couldn’t just defeat Kaido by punching him, but may be he will with Gomu Gomu no Gatling Giant! Isn’t that still just punching him in the end?
Nope, Luffy is not gonna be "so strong". He "barely" surpassed Kaido.

Remember when Luffy "beated" Katakuri, a YC1? It coasts Luffy tears and tears, and he got here a +-YC1 status.

Well, this is the same case but Luffy will get a +- Yonkou status.
Of course he is. That's how Shonens work. The Final Villain always puts all other villains that came before them to shame, and in turn the MC has to get elevated to a height that leaves all other characters in the dust.

Oda is literally laying the groundwork for that as we speak. Current Luffy with awakening is on par with the best in the World. Future Luffy with Awakening + God Tier Haki is going to be on a whole different plane, snd be the only possible person on the planet capable of stopping the Final Villain.
Is business really insane in ONE PIECE, after all Kaido has been through, fighting for over 60 chapters taking an unimaginable amount of attacks, and even in his weak condition it takes an island-shattering blow to take him out? And I'm still not sure if the blow will actually defeat him.
Kaido expression is insane.

kaido also look like that after luffy grab lightninglol
Is business really insane in ONE PIECE, after all Kaido has been through, fighting for over 60 chapters taking an unimaginable amount of attacks, and even in his weak condition it takes an island-shattering blow to take him out? And I'm still not sure if the blow will actually defeat him.
Kaido expression is insane.

Luffy with AdCoC + Gears is comfortably already delivering Island+ level attacks. Enhancing his fist to the size of an actual Island places that level of attack easily at large Country to small continent level.

An asteroid of that size hitting the Earth at a fraction of the speed at which Luffy could deliver that blow, could easily wipe a continent off the map.
"When Kaido appeared for the first time, I said that Luffy can’t defeat such a strong character yet. And I’m yet to know how Luffy would defeat Kaido. Probably my audience will not be satisfied if the reason for defeating Kaido is just because Luffy’s punch is so strong. Luffy and I have to find a solution somehow.”
All is good guys, the punch will not be strong just big:smart:


Do people really think this is how it ends? :nicagesmile:
Like countless things are left to finish up...

Marco's purpose in this war.
Zunisha's purpose.
CP0 invasion.
Big Mom pirates vs the waterfall.
Kaido's awakening.
Kaido's flashback.
Flower capital being clueless about everything.
Countless plots with Zoro.

Just to mention some of them...
And you think we see the end of it next chapter when Luffy uses another punch? :toximoji:
I know y'all cant wait to see the end of it but we have 9 chapters more until just the fighting wraps up.
Plus the chapters after the fight and whatnot...
Of course it's ending, my dude. . .

1- Marco's "purpose" was to serve as back up for the alliance (he healed a lot of people, helped to stop a bit the Oni Virus, stopped Queen and King and fought them for a while. . . and more will come when Kaido gets defeated. Remember, he said it's not his business to fight Kaido, but he will for sure give important info about the outside world, reactions and maybe Roger stuff.

2- Zuneesha's purpose seems to be to stop the entire WG fleet but until Momochad do not put his balls over the table, it's not gonna happen. Zuneesha needs to be commanded.

3- We have only 1 CP0 guy standing at Onigashima, and he's after Nico Robin. . . so I would expect to get sucessfully and kidnap her. CP0 has lost a lot here, so they will win this time and this will let to a WG confrontation, maybe allying with the RA and save Sabo too.
I wouldn't expect that ships will make it to Wano, this is not gonna happen but the CP0 guy will escape with Nico Robin on these ships when Onigashima landed.

4- Big Mom pirates. . . they will know somehow that Big Mom losts, will have some reactions and maybe they will decide if they go after an inconscious Big Mom, or they return to WCI (possible new plot here if the cover stories tell us something, you know). They will also make a new boss/captain: Perospero, Smoothie, Katakuri, Streussen. . .

5- At this point, I can only see two ways for Kaido to show it:
- Kaido tries to counter Luffy's mega punch with something, during this proccess, Kaido starts to remember about his past just because he is tired and he plays all he got now so he was never in that situation. Probably enters this awakening mode to try to boost him and deflect Luffy's attack. He loses, of course.

- Same as above but Kaido does not awakening, not even named it. He tries to counter Luffy's attack while we see the flashback until he gets tired and loses.

6- Orochi. . . if he does not die by fire or killed by Denjiro or someone else, he will get arrested and punished by Momonosuke as the new Shogun of Wano. No more deaths but he will have to walk a redemption path to redeem himself. Maybe he will tell us how the old lady and the old dude find him (the granny said even she was a Kurozumi. . . so this deserves an explaination. A Kurozumi outside Wano. . . working as a broker for someone who could be, Kaido? Shiki? The World Government? The latest is less likely but hey).

7- Explained in 5-, it could be eve a short flashback, no more than 5-8 chapters I think, but don't know.

8- They do not need to know much, they were suffering during the entire year, but this festival keeps them like "here we are safe for a day, we are on heaven, nothing happens". Of course, Momonosuke and the Red Scabbards will have some speech about Orochi and Kaido being taken out and they will start to cry of joy and so. They will acknowledge Momonosuke as the new Shogun, with his new "appearence" who pressumibly will looks like Oden, at least a bit.

9- Zoro only have pending this "Grim Reaper" mystery, who at this point it's due to Mink drug or if not, something related to warriors at the verge of death (related to a future plot tied to a PU, maybe at Elbaph).

NOTE: If we get a flashback during Kaido and Luffy clash (1047-1048), it means that Kaido officially lost, even if we get a long/short flashback. He automatically lost too.


I've seen this being quoted way too often. Luffy isn't just punching harder.
I wonder what these people were expecting Luffy would do? Talk no Jutsu?
Is he going to talk Kaido to death? Like at least try to use your brain a little.
What's been the biggest factor in hurting Kaido for example? :smart:
They still can't understand the magnitude for Luffy's final attack. . . sigh.
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We will know by the title anyways ; if it is not named luffy vs Kaido then kaido isn't losing
Not necessary "vs" title. Kaido is just trapped by Luffy, can't understand he's gonna eat it hot?
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Here we will. :cheers:
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How insane are you to think something like that?