Will ZKK happen?

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Have you never watches power ranger. Mf literakly had to transform everytimr in front of Enemy not come prepared.
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I thought Yamato would be good match for Caterina. Mythical dog fruits.
Wow I forgot about that, damn don’t tell me Yamato is actually joining. But Nami has never fought a man in one piece. It’s always been women
Can we have a poll on what people will do when they get spoilers? For example if it were me I would provide the full summary when I get the chapter. Or rather I would ask my audience how much of the chapter they would like to be fed throughout the week. I would not be doing this for money (depends on the costs though if there are any). The way I feel about it is that I love OP and it would be so evil of me to not share it with others who may not have a source. I personally like the schedule of getting hints on Monday and early Tuesday (GMT +5) and then brief summary on Wednesday and then full summary and raws on Thursday and then scans on Friday. Then we get the official on Sunday. Its like regular content throughout the week with increasing content and accuracy.

The above is based on the assumption that hard copies of OP or WSJ magazine are provided to stores around the world and the sources are employees in the stores that provide the chapter to the spoiler providers. These employees are the ones who are actually the most at risk since they are the actual providers. But if OP has worldwide distribution and if we can specify a time where all the stores are sure to have gotten their respective copies then leaking the chapter should not be an issue since there is no way of pinpointing which country or which store actually did it. I understand that sharing those shueisha scans was just too damn dumb, there are not many who would have access to those images and hence they can be caught easily. I think they (official distribution) don't have any issues with sites like TCB scans and other providers since they already know that the chapter is going to get leaked somehow because of such a wide distribution network and they have accepted it as something that cannot be controlled.
In the end, there are no actual rules of how spoilers are to be provided. Obviously if someone has a spoiler depending on their nature they will share, hide, be cocky. If a company wants to take actions against leaks its they would do it regardless when they are pressurized internally...doesn't matter how small the leak is. Unless the spoilers are provided by oda himself and he is telling the leader hey only provide this info..and the leader obliges...I think most will just give all the info they have.
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