Will ZKK happen?

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Zorotards got cant even retcon stuff properly, if they want zoro to mimick ryuma he would have to slay a dragon and not a fire dragon, zoro already did the game pose by killing a dragon MADE OUT OF FIRE , not a real dragon, so kaido having a flame form just makes less sense then normal dragon kaido :risitameh::ihaha::saden::shame::risitasad::hapnoel::risitavirus::risicheck:
Two Dragons broo. Dont forget Punk Hazards Dragon.

So Zoro just need to kill the third Dragon
So someone else stole again Lance his show?

Lance you‘re going to be outsourced bro… lance you‘re taking a free flight to a normal member status 😂
They won't help you. They still think Akainu is the endgame villain, when in reality, he will be tag teamed by Dragon and Sabo.
Lol. None of the users mentioned there ever said that. Akainu not being the endgame villain was never in question after Imu's introduction.

Last time i checked the scar motive linked Sakazuki and Luffy as it does Shanks and Blackbeard. I know Yonkou fans pray at night that this fight ain't happening knowing full well that's what all the setup is leading too.
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