Will ZKK happen?

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Zoro having fire cutting technique and a coc and only way to penetrate kaidos skin is coc and now he became fire dragon too hmmmmmm. His fate will be sealed if it turns out kaidos fire dragon is a western one
India peeps enlightened me with Bajrang stuffs please :pepebusi:
Bajrang means a name for Lord Hanuman who as a day old child was strong enough to swallow the Sun like a fruit and withstood Vajra, the weapon of Indra.

The Vajra which is made from the Spine of Rishi Dadhichi from the Rishi(sage) who sacrificed his life to make such a weapon.

Dadichi has boon from Lord Shiva that no harm can come to his body or body parts and his body even withstood Lord Vishnu's weapon,
the Sudarshana Chakra which has power equal to 10000000 Suns.

Please post this in Spoilers and Summaries for context regarding Bajrang.
So Zoro will not sneak attack kaido . He will lose like king clashing with the grandmastter and acknowledge the grandmaster being the monster samurai before he die
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