Has Kaido been defeated!?

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i expect hiyori to know how to cut down orochi with a blade at least
he's weak.

if not a blade maybe a plan? like poison
she stood there helpless .
its upsetting.
I can understand you but although Orocunt is weak his devil fruit being a Zoan has some durability which maybe needs atleast a basic haki application. Why would she use seastone nail to trap him if his zoan form was weak too?


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That's what they want

Zoro gonna beat/kill the stronger version of kaido while Luffy fails to KO normal Kaido for good

These guys really don't understand what they're saying
Imagine thinking Luffy won't get to finish kaido at his best but it will be Zoro
It's like thinking Law will beat awakened Doffy while G4 fails to beat base doffy
You think Luffy will kill Kaido Noodle? 🤔
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