Has Kaido been defeated!?

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I'm so happy that Kaido fell and it's only about 5 more chapters to go before we know, reward updates and news around the world of One Piece... I'm REALLY MUCH happy.
I have to say that this chapter did a job of letting us know why Kaido wants to create a "world of mayhem" like he calls it, so that's one of his motivations. We still have quite a bit to cover for his character though, this flashback was good for this situation where we see what kind of world he and Luffy want. But it's definitely not the end.
Fascinating Chapter, I think that last page hints to the fact that even if Kaido isn't "down" in a sense, he's resigned to his fate that he's supposed to lose to Joyboy/Luffy. I hope next chapter we delve a little more into Kaido's background and maybe get a blurb with him smiling that he has a purpose.
The strongest soldier of a small ass nation*
Kaido's resumee : fleeing fodders, winning through distractions, 0 1V1 W vs a confirmed toptier
First BM quoted for FA, now the strongest soldier refused, the strong refused, the weak accepted.

All admirals are inferior to KAIDOU, not accepted yet or are you dealing with it yet?

Let me know when there's any admiral in the navy being called a JOYBOY.

At age 10 he defeats: Akainu, Aokiji and Kizaru together.
He’s coping because he knows an AdmiraL will lose to Sanji
But thats Admiral Wank

Sanji has the strongest flames

One of the Highest Speed

Top Tier CoO and will possibly get the best future sight out there

Toughest body on top of CoA that resists an attack that kills CoA Masters

The list wont stop
Kaido thought he killed Orochi and he was still planning on enslaving all of Wano.
Like I said mate, I never taked about Kaido being good I just put foward an idea where Kaido joins the fight against the celestials and their lapdogs because he has brought that up multiple times. It doesn't mean he gets reedemed, its that He'll fight the WG.
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