Has Kaido been defeated!?

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Admirals are the hounds of heavenly dragons, if BM was being treated as the biggest shield heavenly dragons could want it means she is even better than admirals she received a better coronation, the BIG MEME that without DF was quoted for the same position than your favorite admiral. LOL
Damn reading is HARD as fuck for you, well some things don't change :kobeha:
First it was CARAMEL who was trying to SELL HER PRODUCT so of course she would hype BM like crazy :suresure:
But IN SPITE of that she didn't DARE to say that BM would be the greatest Admiral ever like she did with CP :kobeha: :kobeha:
And that was LONG BEFORE the likes of Garp/Sengoku :kobeha:
Random no name Admirals from before ROCKS ERA > Prime Linlin :kobeha:

Joyboy is the only one who can beat Prime Kaidou in the future, Lmao, in the navy there is no marine named Joyboy.
You mean Joyboy is the only one that Kaido fought without using distrac- NO WAIT he used them on JOYBOY TOO and still lost :kobeha: :kobeha: :kobeha:

Put Kaido's W vs a toptier without distraction on the table
Why does some people here think that the end of the fight was lame? How about the fight between Luffy and Katakuri? It has a lamer depiction compared to this one and within much smaller panels.
luffy vs katakuri was far better choreographed. We also didn't spend 3 whole chapters on a wind up for an even bigger punch - something Oda said the audience wouldn't be satisfied with

I have to say that this chapter did a job of letting us know why Kaido wants to create a "world of mayhem" like he calls it, so that's one of his motivations. We still have quite a bit to cover for his character though, this flashback was good for this situation where we see what kind of world he and Luffy want. But it's definitely not the end.
Linlins dream world = a world where everyone is equal no matter who and what they are. With them literally seeing eye to eye size wise lol. At the same time she wants everyone to be equal but with her still on top and in control. With people only being able to be happy if she is too and its convenient to her

Kaido's dream world = a world where everyone is equal through war. Where no the only type of power thar matters is your own strength. It not mattering whether you were born royalty, a celestial dragon, civilian, or random nobody. With ones freedom only depending on themselves
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