Has Kaido been defeated!?

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Linlins dream world = a world where everyone is equal no matter who and what they are. With them literally seeing eye to eye size wise lol. At the same time she wants everyone to be equal but with her still on top and in control. With people only being able to be happy if she is too and its convenient to her

Kaido's dream world = a world where everyone is equal through war. Where no the only type of power thar matters is your own strength. It not mattering whether you were born royalty, a celestial dragon, civilian, or random nobody. With ones freedom only depending on themselves
was rocks an evil guy
you have to wonder
Page 5
Pirates: Rocks Pirates has been broke apart?!! That’s a joke right?!! There’s no way, with all those monsters together!!
It seems that a marine soldier called Garp took them down!!
It must be internal conflicts, the concept of team work doesn’t exist in those guys’ brains…
So it confirms my theory that the Rocks Pirates stabbed each others back during that fight

Thats why they didn't won, they already had natural conflits between themselves by default

I bet when we get to know more about what actually happened that might be made clearer
Kaido's world is still incredibly flawed because strength is mostly determined by things you have no control over such as genetic predispositions. Look at Kaido himself, born a genetic freak in terms of being strong.
70 million bounty as a kid is kinda low,Linlin had 500 million when young.Oda should have showed how Kaido became the strongest creature in the world.
Damn reading is HARD as fuck for you, well some things don't change :kobeha:
First it was CARAMEL who was trying to SELL HER PRODUCT so of course she would hype BM like crazy :suresure:
But IN SPITE of that she didn't DARE to say that BM would be the greatest Admiral ever like she did with CP :kobeha: :kobeha:
And that was LONG BEFORE the likes of Garp/Sengoku :kobeha:
Random no name Admirals from before ROCKS ERA > Prime Linlin :kobeha:

You mean Joyboy is the only one that Kaido fought without using distrac- NO WAIT he used them on JOYBOY TOO and still lost :kobeha: :kobeha: :kobeha:

Put Kaido's W vs a toptier without distraction on the table
Still dealing, he even went on to argue how sellers advertise their products is incredible, all this to not accept the fact that BIG MEME without DF was being quoted for the same position as his favorite admiral. LOL

The Emperors Meme, it doesn't matter who wasn't in the navy at the time, the question here is where she could get in the hierarchy.

It's hard for you that WAIDO has the best hype and has been portrayed as a natural born and undeniably powerful fighter from start to finish.
You who waited all this time for one of Kaidou's 7 defeats to go to the WB, I know you well you loser.

You caught an insane L in this chapter.
In fact, throughout WANO, Kaidou has been pissing on you. LOL

Kaido WSC > WSM WB. The strongest living creature in the world is second only to JOYBOY who is rising from the dead.

I can't say the same about your admirals who are all inferior to Kaidou.
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