Has Kaido been defeated!?

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yeah zoro said he will go and kill kaido
after beating king right?

stop embarrassing yourself.
Actually he said it before King. Just because someone got in his way doesn't necessarily change his clearly stated goals, which weren't completed by fighting King.

The point you tried to make is that there's a contradiction. But Luffy's pretty clear that he's reaching the end of the reason he's fighting
Luffy's been obstructed by a number of characters like Ulti and has seemingly been killed by Kaido three times on the roof. Kaido has announced his victory twice already. You knew it wouldn't stick because Luffy didn't accomplish what he came to do, but you think Zoro will stay down for the same reason. That's the double standard.
You guys are clowns lmao
You were the same guy that were arguing that Kaido was kneeling out of respect for Luffy some chapters ago lmao
Stop being a clown
You're the same guy who piped up when the unofficial scan translated him as groaning and then disappeared when the official translations showed otherwise.
I thought you were talking about Kizaru for the FS bro, and yes Rayleigh was surely using FS no doubt.
Your first response to me said Rayleigh didn't have it, I was responding to that lol

My bad if my response was misunderstood. Yeah, I agree that with Kizaru, it's irrelevant at least. But to deal with him, you have to potentially master FS to keep up. All i mean by it. His powers can potentially harm Luffy since lasers/explosions do affect him.

But speed=weight according to Kizaru, so I'd be curious to see how he fights legitimately lol
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