Has Kaido been defeated!?

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Zoro stans: ZKK is gunna happen

Reality after 1049: "King is stronger than Katakuri so it scales to current Zoro being stronger than WCI Luffy. Take that Condom fans 😛"

Dude roof top Zoro mid diffs Katakuri
Guy who can't even hurt Kaido defeated Katakuri
Guy who can scar Kaido needed AP boost to beat King

King low diffs Kuri
Current Zoro low diffs Current Luffy
Zoan awakening has always been, super recovery. It's not that Kaido hasn't used his awakening, it's that it only kicks in after he's been defeated.

This way he can recover and acknowledge the one who defeated him as Joyboy. At this point he might leave on his own since his reason for being there has been fulfilled or someone kills him.
The attack had less impact and DC than Law's ultimate attack.
Law's special move was Hocus Low Flow Flush followed by Kid's Big Dookie Double Flush. Luffy sent that bih into warp speed just from a right cross.

But I think it would be stupid as an ending of course. Just like how the interesting flashback bits of Kaido would be stupid as part of a resolution, because the bits with him growing up really don't connect to the Joyboy thing or this fight at all really. It'd just be a last minute info dump of a few cool background quirks.
I think Zoro mid diffs pre awakening luffy

Not sure how Nika vs Zoro goes
Nika is broken fruit and with broken fruit means a lot of plot armour. But only weakness kaido found after awakening was cuts. Kaido wind slashes still hurts luffy as we saw. And zoro dismissed that wind slash like it was nothing. So luffy only weakness is cuts. And who can cut better than a swordsman.
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