Has Kaido been defeated!?

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Oda did literally lie to us when he told us Kaido cannot be defeated by simple punch
Maybe because he was not just defeated by single punch....this fight is basically gauntlet with Luffy vs Kaido 1 vs 1 in a final...also, Luffy was not declared winner yet.....anyways liked the spoilers eventhough most of them are taken out of context....hope this week we will start to get full summaries....
If some of you bothered to properly read what Oda said, he stated that Luffy was too weak back then and just a strong punch wouldn't be enough, he never said Luffy wouldn't win with a punch.

We got three major power-ups for Luffy and Kaido fighting multiple people to arrive at this point, and some of you still expect Luffy to deviate from his main fighting style simply because you couldn't read English properly?

Gol D. Roger

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How is it an opinion?
Kaido still being able to fight and luffy not being able to by defention means luffy didn't defeat him
Fair enough. Looking forward to seeing you explain this to a certain group of people if, by some miracle, ZKK ends up being happened—Not that I think it will happen.
Akainu beat kaido . So cope Also future luffy enemy like Blackbeard

Also Akainu durability > kaido durability. Marco and vista can‘t make Akainu bleed > 9 samurai made kaido bleed.

Btw sabo declare war on celestial dragon , not admiral. He is talking about gorsei control world government.
This has nothing to do with durability.
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