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One Piece Chapter 1049: "THE WORLD YOU WISH FOR"

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I still don’t think Orochi is dead. The shot of the head (still on fire) makes me think it’s another fakeout. Kaidou’s defeat is happening right in front of the people of Wano. It’s even more necessary that Orochi’s defeat be witnessed in that way.

Kaidou’s flashback was interesting, but not enough. His motives are still a little murky. One of the more tantalizing bits was the implication that something happened at God Valley that was so important that the Rocks Pirates felt they needed to rush to it. So they weren’t the ones that started it.

I wonder what Kaidou thought when Luffy said he wanted to create a world where his friends could eat their fill. This is especially intriguing after the reveal that Kaidou let himself be captured when he was hungry.

Also, Oda is making King more bishounen with every panel :milaugh:
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Kaido being from Vodka kingdom, no wonder the dude was always drunk he never had a chance

So young Whitebeard was the one who helped recruit him for Rocks, and a young Kaido joining Rocks made them elite status, I loved this little flashback we got

Kaido is basically Russian, and he basically enslaved people just so he can lure out JoyBoy.

Kaido letting himself get captured by the Navy like it's his dining hall is absolutely hilarious that's so Oda

Congrats to Momo for finally creating flame clouds and landing Onigashima safety

Holy shit Luffy just defeated an Yonkou. (Kaido basically admitted defeat at the end chapter I think it's over)
That has to be the most powerful attack in One Piece, and it even blew off Kaido's horn holy shit