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A very packed and climatic chapter. Kaido(u) may love alcohol, suicide, and nuclear weapons but no track suit = not an honorary Russian. Cover story looking like it pulled the old switcheroo: everyone distracted guessing who's in Chocotown, the real twist is that someone was after the lab in WCI.
When even CP0 changed all their bets from Kaido to Kozuki.:doffytroll: Denjiro and Hiyori's touching moment remind us that he served as much of a father to the Kozuki daughter as Kin'emon did to Momonosuke. Glorious to see Onigashima touch ground. There were expecations of Momo willing himself to Kaido's cloud level holding up the island like Oden. Momo instead just pulling away the island before it reached its destination and in the end barely mustering enough to safely crash-land the thing is laudable for being far more realistic. It was not pretty, but credit to Momo for keeping the capital and Onigashima safe.

Vodka Kingdom, next to Whiskey Peak and Tequila Wolf. A cruel summary of how the World Government is the ultimate evil as costly tributes, a constant state of war and selling the WG their best kids Mother Carmel-style is a reality for countries to maintain minimum status. This and his experience at Rocks fundamentally warped Kaido into believing in survival of the fittest and that you can't trust anyone you don't control. Although the flashback feels truncated as Kaido's story has been split up between Oden, Momo/Scabbards, King and whenever the true Rocks story is due; I'm glad Kaido's perpective finally delivers his origins, his motivation, and the broader context behind them.

Two Yonko in the hole. I can already see 1050:

:goyea: Introduced falling from the sky and making a Kaido-shaped hole --> defeated falling from the sky and making a dragon-shaped hole. A lovely contrast between Kaido's world of violence and Luffy's simple and innoncent ideal of a world where his friends can eat their fill. I doubt Luffy developed this idea only recently due to Tama, it may tie in to his secret dream shared with Roger but solving world hunger is not exactly laugh worthy. Interesting that King tried to push the title of Joy Boy on Kaido (probably a Lunarian dream like the Minks awaiting the Dawn), not for his grand Doflamingo-esque desire to flip the Celestial Dragon world order into a strength-based animalistic hierarchy, but because he possesed the power to realize it. Kaido takes this logic to its natural conclusion, amused by the legend Oden also hyped up, and declares Joy Boy is the man who can do what he couldn't: defeat Kaido and change this world.

Head captain Kaido losing the same horn Ace melted. Right wingman King lost his right wing. Left hand man Queen lost his left hand. And Frontman Jack broke a tusk.:madmonk: Heavy shades of Luffy vs Doffy as the Monkey God punches a false god back to the mortal realm, into the underworld in Kaido's case. Fire dragon Kaido is extinguished to end the Fire Festival as another wish with comes true. Last chapter showed us how Wano samurai took the place of the helpless and worried civilians who could only trust Luffy and Momo with their lives, the actual civilians have suffered enough and will party through this raid. Onigashima landing, the flashback + link between Luffy and Joy Boy, all in all that's enough missing elements and emotional crescendo to end the struggle. Only thing left is for the Sun God to bring forth the dawn of a new day. Kaido's last stand? A Kuma figure showing up? As long as the sky remains dark, the nightmare continues.