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Here we are .... after 25 years I was waiting this moment now I can die ...

The last punch one Luffy is just incredible and Kaido is really going down to the bottom of hell as Luffy said

An incredible total war with so much power up for Luffy and I already want to see Luffy 100% in gear 5 lol

Anyway now we are going to see Momo adult , what's going on with Zorro, a huge banquet ...

This is the end of 20 fucking horrible years for Wano

Luffy the first guy to have defeated Kaido in 1 vs 1

Luffy Emperor level has been reached and even over .....

The guy from CP0 escaping MDR

Want to see all of Wano in animation now

Have a good week end !
Kaido's flashbacks make more curious about World Nobles and history surrounding them. Anyway, this upcoming 2 weeks will be full of debates whether Kaido is defeated or him showing Awakening. It's just ticking time before we see the conclusion of the battle, and I'll enjoy my popcorns when the time comes. :ihaha::brootea:
I have only one question:
Momo lose his power and he will return to the human form. Will he be naked or he will be wearing unfit clothes?
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Isn't its enough for Kadiou that he was fighting monsters for a whole night?
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10 years
But not a monster samurai, hmph
Ya'll ZKK cults ready to be clowned like no fan base has ever been clowned before in the next couple of chapters

This. Is. The. End.

Copium stocks through the roof, Lik needing to be put into a mental institution and all the cry baby Zori boys calling Oda a hack I love it just how I imagined it

One other thing: Onigashima was introduced as this huge threat to destroy the Flower Capital and Oda brought that up over and over again as it slowly approached the capital.

Are you telling me that the conclusion to all that buildup is Momo safely parking it cleanly next to the capital, when it never even once flew above it (for tension) and not even one Wano citizen saw that act?

This is either a great job by Oda (tricking everyone into thinking the battle is over, when in fact he comes up with a twist next chapter) or Oda has gone completely "whatever, I don't care about solid writing anymore"-mode.

Kaido flashback too short, we wasted panels and panels on freakin Orochi who keeps getting back up, but this crucial flashback is half a chapter only. It felt rushed. Nothing on God Valley again, unless Oda saves it for Teach/Shanks, its stupid to not show it. But whatever. Fight over, lets move on
Why do you think his flashback is over, pal? Didn't Ace and Oden's flashback mostly happen after their death? Jumping the gun over impatience is stupid. Rushed? Seriously rushed? This has been going on for too long pal.