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Oh and Wano is about to really reach its climax now, Big Mom hinted Wano may guard some secret about the One Piece.
Opening it's borders seems like a really big deal.
Momo delaying it along with Kaido and Big Mom being thrown out of the picture will probably lead to something against the World Government, whose CP0 agent conviniently just left Onigashima.
I would expect some big lore dump reveals as well as the real conclusion to Kaido (and no he won't awaken or do some shit again).

The ending feels off because it really is off, Momonosuke delayed the opening of the borders for a reason.
I don't think Wano will open it's borders during the Wano arc. The Wano arc is about resolving the Wano conflict of the last 20 years. Opening the borders is about what happened during the void century. It's endgame material.
Why Big Mom Won't Die in Wano:

1. Big Mom's words upon her defeat: "Don't you think that this is enough to kill me."

2. Kaido's debt to Big Mom, and this debt is mentioned many times, the latest of them was in the previous chapter, which means that Oda is planning something about this debt.

3. Kaido's falling next to Big Mom is not in vain, something will happen between them, especially with regard to the debt between Big Mom and Kaido, Oda has brought them together so that Kaido pays off his debt.
Not to mention it wouldn’t make sense for Big Mom’s final moments to not be centered around Mother Caramel and her relationship with the orphans. Her “ending” wasn’t a full circle moment at all, at least not like Kaido’s (him thinking about the perfect person to beat him being Joyboy does tie up some loose ends, albeit sloppily).