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These Akainu fans are turning into the new ZKKers. Forget the fact that Luffy KOed Kaido before the magma. What matters is who is going to "kill" the KOed person.

"No Luffy will beat Kaido, but Zoro will KILL him" :kaidowhat:
Ignore them. A lot of these people thinks that they do better than the author which I find infuriating. Oda is not like Julie Plec who listened to every bullshit fans whispered to them. Main reason why One Piece lasted for quarter of a century while TVD only lasted 8 years and they'd even overstayed their welcome.
Kaido next chapter:

I'm really happy to see Hiyori being declared Shogun unless Oda tricks us here lmao. Very surprised he's doing that although even Kishi with his misogyny let Tsunade be Hokage and had another female Kage at the time too.
Hi Ghostly, I wanna explain you my theory with what will happen to Kaido.
I guess through this lava eruption and contact with sea water he will be wrapped in seastone. I think this is the reaction which creates seastones 😅😅😅😅😅