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Thanks to EtenBoby

Chapter 1050 : Glory

In the cover, Reiju and Ichiji arrive to help Niji and Yonji.

1) Kaido falls in the magma deep deep under Wano island, Big Mom is there too.

2) Toko and Yasuie flashback. Yasuie ate the Smile Fruit that Toko has eaten bacause he doesn’t want Toko to laugh alone.

3) Nekomamushi announces Luffy's victory to all of Onigashima.

4) Momonosuke says to Zunesha that he will open the border, but not now.

5) Momonosuke lands in the Flower Capital and turns back to human form(can’t see it because of the smoke). From the smoke, Hiyori and Red Scabbards appear.

6) Denjiro: "I have brought here the new Shogun of Wano!"

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New Details

BM and Kaido are Covered (under) in Magma.
Its hard to say if they are alive or death.

There are tons of explosions under onigashima due Luffy's and Law's attacks. The mines of Wano are collapsing, that makes the vulcano under onigashima erupt. Thats why BM and Kaido are now covered in Magma. At the beggining of the chapter they are just KO on the ground. But at the end we see them both covered under magma. Its hard to say if they sre alive or not.
Now Onigashima is at risk.

WANO IS OVER A VULCANO, and the whole Law did was deep enough to reach the Magma chamber. So Now Onigashima is landed over a Vulcano.
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More from redon in Pirate-King.

There's a map in this chapter, this is how it looks.

You can see the 2 holes where Kaidou and Big Mom have fallen. Both holes reach the magma area under Wanokuni and several fissures are produced in the land that reach the seafloor that surrounds the island (the red lines). Magma comes out through these fissures and the fissures cause the explosion in the submarine volcano in the sea near Wanokuni.

In this chapter there is no evidence that Mt. Fuji is going to erupt, since the fissures go to the sea.
More from redon in Pirate-King.

There's a map in this chapter, this is how it looks.

You can see the 2 holes where Kaidou and Big Mom have fallen. Both holes reach the magma area under Wanokuni and several fissures are produced in the land that reach the seafloor that surrounds the island (the red lines). Magma comes out through these fissures and the fissures cause the explosion in the submarine volcano in the sea near Wanokuni.

In this chapter there is no evidence that Mt. Fuji is going to erupt, since the fissures go to the sea.
My bad, you're right.
There are 2 different wholes. And Onigashima is shaking by the explosions.
And for more:
Tengu explains Toko the reasons of Yasu's death. So she changes the message of her torch from "I want to see you Daddy" , to ""Thanks Daddy"


Pepebusi Spammer
from Redon in PirateKing Forum

"Yes, the narrator confirms that Luffy is the winner.

In fact, at the beginning of the chapter the narrator says that the previous result (the winner was Kaido) is going to be updated.

And when the explosion of the underwater volcano takes place, we see a new text from the narrator saying that the winner of the "Decisive Battle in Wanokuni Sky" is Luffy."

Deleted member 83

Chapter 1,050: Honor
Cover: Ichiji and Reiju appear

Page 2
【Sky Above Wano…】
Yamato: Luffy!!
【Onigashima Skull Dome, Rooftop Battle…】

Page 3
【Victor Kaido..update…】
Yamato: heheh
Citizens: steady now!
Yamato: you guys are amazing! Really impressive!!

Page 4
【Meanwhile in the Capital, the festival is about to end】
Toko: steady now!

(Toko: Mr. Tengu! You know, my daddy used to someone of great status! He knew that he’ll be killed if he got caught!
But even so he turned himself in, that’s what I heard
Why did he do that?

Hitetsu: Lord Yasuie…he gave this country another chance!!)

Page 5
(Hitetsu: if Lord Yasuie didn’t step up at that moment…!! All the “lamps of hope” that were built over the past 20 years would have vanished…He gave up his own life for the sake of this nation!)

Toko: Ahahahaha
Yasu: Toko! Don’t tell me you ate that fruit?!
Can father have the rest?

(Hitetsu: all for that you can live happily…in the future we’ve work for…
Toko: for me?
Hitetsu: of course
Toko: then…I’m going to change my message! Is this good?
Hitetsu: that…for a samurai…is an)

Page 6-7
(Hitetsu: upmost honor!!!)
“Daddy, I miss you Thank you”
Toko: ahaha!!
citizens: Steady now!!

Neko: the sky ships of the fire festival!! That takes meow back!
Oops, hey yougara! There’s no mistaking it! Kaido has been sent to the depths of the land by Luffy’s hand!!!

Page 8-9
Neko: the falling Onigashima has been stopped by the great dragon that Lord Momonosuke transformed into!!
Is that right?!
Yamato: yeah!!
Samurais: then that pink dragon…is lord Momonosuke?! He’s an ability user?!

Neko: it has been 20 years since that fateful day…this war was one that started off with the idea to avenge Lord Oden’s death, and we…have finally won it!!!
Samurai: Woahhhhhh
We took down two emperors of the sea!! I never thought I’ll be able to return alive!!
Apoo: Strawhat…took down Kaido..?!!

Page 10
Usopp: Chopper we have two serious injuries here!!
Franky: Chopper Zoro is not waking up!!
Samurai: Dr.Chopper!! Please come over!
Chopper: Miyagi we have injured people everywhere!
Let’s tend to them!

Momo: Zunesha…Zunesha…can you hear me? I’ve throughly thought about it…

Page 11
Momo: the opening of our borders…will have to wait
Zunesha: Understood…I’m willing to die for your judgement
I won’t doubt you!!
Momo: sorry…
Hm? What’s happening? An earthquake?!

Beasts Pirates: it’s too early for a celebration! We still outnumber you!! Let you guards down and we’ll take the win! Give up already!!

Page 12
Beasts Pirates: there’s no way Kaido-san have lost!! We’re the crew of an Emperor!!!

Samurai: these guys!!
Franky: oh they wanna fight?! I still got strength in me you know!
Brook: let’s wait Franky-san!

Yamato: Beasts Pirates!! Stop!!
You guys would’ve been dead!!
Beasts Pirates: y..young master Yamato!! But…
Yamato: OUR leader is the one who stopped the falling Onigashima!
Beasts Pirates: young master is completely taking like an enemy!!
Yamato: you have lost and you were saved, and yet if you still don’t want to stop fighting
I’ll beat you up!

Page 13
Beasts Pirates: urgh!!
Huh? An earthquake?! Why now?!

【deep down, magma chamber】

【Wano Udon, Prisoner Mine】
Babanuki: an earthquake…
Beasts Pirates: Babanuki-san!! Something’s happening at the sea!!
Babanuki: hm?

Page 14-15
【Land of Wano, Decisive Battle in the Sky
Victor: Strawhat Luffy】
Babanuki: what?! The submarine volcano has erupted!!!

Citizens: what!! Eruption?! It was from the direction of Udon..?! Huh?!! Onigashima?!! Are Kaido and his crew scheming something..?

Momo: do not worry! This is not a crisis!
Citizens: K..Kaido?!!
I mean..my lord..
Why are you here?! This should be our only day of freedom…

Page 16
Momo: I’m not Kaido!! That eruption just now was the curtain closing on the supreme commander of the Beasts Pirates Kaido!!

Citizens: there’re people coming…how many of them..?! Huh?!

Page 17
Citizens: Lady Komurasaki?! No way is it a ghost? We just held a funeral not long ago!!
Is this all a dream?! Her beauty is definitely like the real deal
Boss Kyoshiro!! Hm?! What happened to your proud regent hair?!

Deniiro: well this is a long story, but…
I have brought you the new shogun of Wano!!!
Brief summary Thanks to Redon from PirateKing with the most important details of the chapter (they are written in order).

- Aah, the emotionless sea voyage of the Germa 66 VL. 12 "Ichiji and Reiju appear."
-We see how Kaidou continues to fall deeper into the earth, while he returns to his human form.
On a small map we see the 2 large holes through which Big Mom and Kaidou have fallen. Both are so deep that they reach the magma under Wanokuni Island.
- We also see many fissures inside the earth, which reach the sea floor from the waters near Wanokuni.
As Yamato runs to help Luffy as he falls from the sky, we see the narrator update the situation of the Wanokuni battle. Kaidou was the winner of the battle on the roof, but...
-Yamato manages to grab Luffy before he hits the ground. Luffy is unconscious, but has no apparent serious damage.
- Yamato: "Guys,
you are incredible!! It's been really impressive!!!"
- In the Flower Capital, the Fire Festival comes to an end. We see a brief flashback to the moment when Toko was preparing her lantern.
-Toko tells Hitetsu that if he knew that his father was someone important in the country.
He also tells him that his father knew he would be killed if he was caught and wonders why he did what he did.
- Hitetsu tells Toko that Mr. Yasuie gave Wanokuni another chance. If he hadn't done that, the "lanterns of hope" that have been built over the last 20 years would have vanished.
Hitetsu: "He gave his own life for the good of this nation..."
-We see another small flashback of the moment in which Yasuie discovered that Toko had eaten a Smile of hers and how he ate the rest of the fruit to laugh with her.
Hitetsu tells Toko that everything they have done has been so that they can live happily in the future ahead of them.
-Toko decides to change the message that she had written on her lantern. Now instead of "I want to see my father" she says "Thank you, father". Toko asks Hitetsu what he thinks of the change.
- Hitetsu: "For a samurai...
that's the greatest "glory" you can wish for!!"
- The lanterns of the inhabitants of the Capital of Flowers fly through the sky to close the Fire Festival.
-Nekomamushi observes the lanterns from the roof of Onigashima, he says that they bring back many memories.
He then informs everyone on Onigashima that Luffy has sent Kaidou to the depths of the earth with his bare hands.
- Nekomamushi also reports that Onigashima has stopped thanks to the great dragon that Momonosuke has transformed into. Yamato confirms it from the ground of Wanokuni.
Some samurai are surprised to learn that Momonosuke is an Akuma no Mi user.
- Nekomamushi: "20 years have passed since that fateful day... This war started to avenge Oden-sama's death... And we finally won!!!"
- The samurai celebrate the victory,
Some can't believe they're going to make it back home alive after fighting 2 Yonkous.
- Apoo freaks out upon learning that Luffy has defeated Kaidou.
- Usopp and Franky take Kinemon, Kiku and Zoro with Chopper to help them. Chopper can't keep up with so many people to heal.
- Momonosuke talks with Zunesha.
He tells her that he will open Wanokuni's borders, but that he won't now. She then apologizes to him.
-Zunesha tells her that she understands and that she fully trusts her judgement.
- Suddenly, an earthquake occurs.
- The Beasts Pirates tell the samurai that it's too early to celebrate anything. They are still outnumbered and plan to defeat them.
They can't believe that Kaidou has been defeated.
- Franky says that if they want to continue fighting, he has no problem because he still has strength. Brook tries to stop him.
-Yamato arrives inside Onigashima and tells his father's subordinates to stop.
- Yamato says that HIS leader is the one who has stopped the fall of Onigashima,
and that if it were not for him, they too would have died. The Beasts Pirates don't believe that Yamato speaks like one of their enemies.
- Yamato: "You have lost and they have saved you. If you don't want to stop fighting... I will defeat you myself!!!"
- The earthquake also begins to be felt inside Onigashima.
We see that Big Mom and Kaidou are in the magma chamber under Wanokuni. Their bodies float in the magma.
- In Udon prison they also feel the earthquake. Babanuki's subordinates inform him that something is happening in the sea.
- While we see how an underwater volcano erupts producing a gigantic explosion in the sea,
the narrator updates the outcome of the battle.
- "Wanokuni, Decisive Battle in the Skies. Winner: Straw Hat Luffy"
- The inhabitants of the Flower Capital see the eruption in the direction of Udon. They then realize that Onigashima Island is next to the capital and wonder what Kaidou and his gang are up to.
Momonosuke arrives flying to the Flower Capital, several people are riding on him. Momonosuke tells the people not to be scared.
-People think it's Kaidou and they ask him why he's there if it's his only day of freedom all year.
- Momonosuke says that it is not Kaidou, and that the eruption is Kaidou's curtain closing,
the Governor General of the Beasts Pirates.
-Momonosuke lands in the capital and returns to his human form. A large smoke screen is created by transforming, several people begin to come out of it.
- The first person they see is Komurasaki (Hiyori). People don't think it's her
they think he is a ghost since they had a funeral for him a few days before.
-After boss Kyoushirou (Denjiro) appears, people ask him what happened to his hairstyle.
- Denjiro: "Well, it's a long story but... We have brought with us the new "Sougun" from "Wanokuni"!!!"

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For who wonder what has been written in the last page , the editor comment is :

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