Did Luffy Beat Kaido Fairly?

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The citizens of Wano have little reason to outright believe in Momonosuke and have less reason to believe Luffy is Joy Boy or agreeing to open Wano's borders. Why would they believe in Momo saying Kaido and Orochi are defeated without proof.

I still think Kaido's awakening will be big enough and strong enough to destroy all of Wano country. The fact that Zunesha is coming to Wano and hasn't done any fighting which it could do by Momo in Zou make me think oda is saving it for Kaido. Not to mention the giant Onigashima sword is the perfect weapon for a giant Elephant or dragon.

You had Brulee as the witness and Pekoms there to see the victor. You had most of WCI waiting for Katakuri or Luffy to come out of a big mirror 90% sure that Katakuri would win. You even had Katakuri confirm his own defeat in front of luffy.
you have Neko and co announcing luffy won
You have kaido admitting his loss to Joyboy
Momo and Yamato saw Luffy punching Kaidp

You're just create more copium arguments.
If Kaido does get up, I think Luffy is going to kill him. The giant sword in onigashima is a huge chekov's gun. Since we saw it, fans have been speculating on who would use it.
Also, sorry to tell you this ZKKers, but Luffy doesn't have some sort of moral code against killing. He idolized shanks, who literally had someone get murdered in chapter 1.

You can call it cope, but I think the guy who fought Kaido for the past 50 chapters being the one to kill him holds far more emotional weight than the guy who scarred him once, fought king, and has been KO'd for the past 10 chapters.
You seen that fanart of giant luffy grabbing the sword it while riding zunesha lol
If Luffy was fighting BM he would really have an easy fight. she is very slow , don't have future sight, no matter how you look at it she is far inferior to Kaido
She ia not far inferior than kaido
If she fought luffy 1v1, Luffy will need to counter homies and hope BM doesn't herself there and then.
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So the way to end Kaido & Big Mom permenantly is through Magma

Akainu stomps
Sure let him stomp Curiel & sickbeard
You can look at every arc and see how villains are proven wrong by the main characters in each arc.
Crocodile says that friendship is bad and then loses because Luffy and co are more determined to save the country and to protect Vivi's dreams. Nami willing to sacrifice her foot solely for Vivi. Ussop stating that he wouldn't let Baroque works laugh at Luffy's dreams. Zoro before cutting Mr.1 wonders if his friends are still okay instead of thinking about his ability to cut steel.

Lucci and Aokiji say that Luffy can't protect Robin from the dangers of the world only to be proven wrong when Luffy defeats Lucci and the Strawhats escape a buster call in Enies Lobby.

Luffy proves Moria wrong by defeating him and saying that Luffy won't lose because he's made of rubber and Zoro being strong enough to protect Luffy from Kuma.

Luffy proving Katakuri wrong by continuing to fight despite looking like a weakling which Katakuri hides by using his scarf. Katakuri then changes his mind on Luffy and respects him because of his ability to keep getting back up rather than not falling. His crewmates not admiring Luffy being weak but Luffy being able to bounce back. Not only that, but Luffy and co. being able to escape BM's territory which BM said Luffy wouldn't be able to do. You also have Sanji's kindness proving Judge's mentality wrong as Sanji's kindness helped Germa escape and Luffy seeing Sanji's kindness as his strength rather than a weakness

Kaido would be the only character who is not proven wrong in the story if it ended right now. The only thing that I feel oda probably proved wrong to Kaido was his belief that Luffy would betray Kinemon when the chances of winning were slim. Other than that, I feel like Kaido has so many ideologically unchallenged statements which have yet to be challenged. Specifically, Kaido's belief in that Might makes right mentality has yet to be unproven.

I could go on and mention Buggy's obssession with treasure vs Luffy's view of treasure and Wapol casually becoming a pirate and not taking it seriously vs Luffy who chose to protect Hiriluk's flag despite not knowing who it belonged to.
Kaidou: "theres no one in this world capable of defeating me"

Luffy: (defeat kaidou, proving Kaidou wrong)

Maybe thats it?
Also how many times have Kaido & Orochi called the samurai weaklings and we have nothing to show for it lol
I think that most of the Wano samurai also have wrong beliefs that have yet to be disproven that they still showed even during Luffy's seeming victory which Ussop and Kidd heavily disagrees with. The idea of seppuku or pointlessly dying is a theme Oda emphasizes on but still hasn't fully resolved yet makes me think there's still more. It's not a surprise that Wano kuni arc had a emphasis on Samurai honor given that the first chapter of Wano actually starts off with a "Seppuku"

Don't worry, raid fail people have no place in this discussion. The question of Kaido paying Homage to the Mt. Fuji art, whether that leads to more fighting with Luffy or the "event" with Zoro, probably won't take more than the rest of the volume (5 or so chapters).

I personally think it's done, but if it happens, it would be a cool surprise.
Doing my hardest not to inhale the hopium, but this is a very appealing pitch


I think we'll know by 1051, unless Oda somehow continues framing this in a way that leaves it ambiguous for the next 4-5 chapters lol
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