Did Luffy Beat Kaido Fairly?

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personally dont see how this is a win for admirals
both are fucking ko'd

oden was literally killed by a bullet when he was vulnerable . anyone could have fired it and he would still die.
kaido's last attack where luffy couldnt touch him gives me more to bite on.
If anything this just makes Law seem far stronger than a yc1. By a massive margin.

His crater was just as deep as Luffys meaning it was a multi-island buster.
Those bombs don’t even matter that much, it’s icing on cake
She was having her flashback w/ Roger before she even knew there was more bombs coming her way
She’d be KOed from that long ass fall into magma too
Those bombs matter or else Oda wouldn't use it
Plus the bomb explosion is island level
How doesn't it matter?

Luffy's attack is the last thing that hit Kaido
While bombs are the last things to hit BM

This is why I hate how Oda ended BM vs kid and law. He could have just made kid sent her down the hole and she's koed
“bu—but Puncture Wille is weak, not even island level”

“BM not even knocked out, SN duo fake W”
Big mom was still fine and mad after that attack, remember kidd did one attack and bombs finished her ? She also jumped from several meters so yeah it's not island lvl unless you think a hole of big mom's size (she is fat yeah) is island lvl :milaugh:

AL sama

Red Haired

It would be hype for Akainu if Kaido and BM weren't KOed or almost out...
Lava killing them or tatally wounding them when they are vulnerable is just something normal

Oden is a freak who survive boiling yet died to bullets
bro are we reading the same spoilers??

it says they were KOed at the start of the chapter
It's now or never for Luffybros and Lankers FC, especially Kaido's: do you honestly want Akainu's power to finish off a second Yonko with little effort and therefore ending someone even Luffy couldn't? Or would you rather have ZKK by Luffy's firstmate? :milaugh:

@Jew D. Boy
@Money D Malio
@Lor D. Coast
@Sanji D Goat
@Vinsmoke D. Zolo
@King of the world
@Monster Luffy
@Gol D. Roger

Was there ever a doubt that Papazuki could solo both frauds with great ease? :myman:

@Fleet Admiral Lee Hung
They'll tear their receding hair thinking of a way for this to end, when ZKK is right there. Greatness is just not comprehensible to some folks :kayneshrug:
is killing a hakiless sickbeard the same as killing prime WB?
if "yes" you are a fanboy moron, if "no" you have been debunked.
1. Wasn't hakiless
2. It wouldn't be.
3. But Oldbeard was still universally regarded as the top dog in the verse. Why do you think it only took Roger 2 years to find the One Piece, and why do you think we are made aware that WB couldve become the Pirate King anytime he wanted to? Even though Big Mom and Kaido have been wanting to find it for DECADES?

Because as much as people want to be cringe, and "different" and edgy, about a fucking shonen of all things, it's made very clear. Pirate King level is a tier above normal Yonkos and Admirals
Without monologe or achievements listing or anything at that.....
I know Oda is a bump and Kaido is a villian, unlike Whitebeard.
But they are all Yonkou. Holy shit Kaido's performance in this arc is incredible, it would be weird if Oda was to off him like some fodders like that at his last moment.
But i've learnt to never doubt's Oda ability to fuck up.
So yeah we have to wait till next chapters to determine their fate
True true! I just thought imagine big mom steals Kaido's lifespan to save her life lool
The difference is that no top-tier besides the Rocks duo is dumb and incompetent enough to eat those attacks. Kid and Law at their current level will never get their way with an admiral as their opponent so they need not worry about getting KO'ed.

She was apparently KO'ed even before she got submerged in the lava meaning she wasn't conscious after the huge explosion.
Attacks that hurt BM/kaido badly or KO them KO anyone alive

It is up to you to prive that those top tiers have endurance on rocks trio level
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