Did Luffy Beat Kaido Fairly?

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Oldbeard isn't any less durable than Primebeard.
It is tho, as we've seen Characters durability is weaker when they are in bad state such as BM screaming or letting her haki out, drunk kaido before getting his shit together and oden got one shotted when he didnt had attention to the fight all of these guys were natural monster durability wise
Sickbeard also couldnt properly use Haki and would never imagine squard stabbing him
The thing is that none of the 9 Scabbards are strong according to Kaido. We've already seen Kiku and Kinemon nearly accept death even though their raid failed and the samurai of Wano accepting death by Luffy. I feel like Kaido's point is more proven than debunked in the story so far.

and so what should happen for kaido to change his impression on how strong kinemon ,kiku and the scabbards are compared to him?
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