Did Luffy Beat Kaido Fairly?

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Or its just regular people like you upset at the way a antagonist built up since the start of the timeskip is treated, Kaido couldnt even give him a full blown flashback lol. 3 pages...

Not everything needs labels mate.
Like you legit believe luffy is dead and killed by kaido . @Extravlad , Me , Luffy fans trying to tell you are wrong on luffy is dead .

Oda hate bring character back to life.
Amd Kaido didn’t comment like you have risen up from the dead.
Gear 5 luffy is still luffy we know.
I suggest look near death experience . Zoro is one who actually experience near death experience.

‘’Luffy didn’t even experience near death experience as I saw on YouTube.
Yonko are old news.
2) Toko and Yasuie flashback. Yasuie ate the Smile that Toko has eaten becouse he doesn’t want Toko to laugh alone.

3) Nekomamushi announces Luffy's victory to all of Onigashima.

4) Momonosuke says to Zunesha that he will open the border, but not now.

5) Momonosuke lands in the Flower Capital and turns back to human form(can’t see it because of the smoke). From the smoke, Hiyori and Red Scabbards appear.

6) Denjiro: "I have brought here the new Shogun of Wano!"
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